Quote of the day—Hans vlasveld

No private individual must not be in possession of ANY gun ever, only those who are to protect us and are trained, with very few exceptions like rifles only (always locked up and registered for hunting & large farms that can prove they are needed to protect their cattle or.? So, absolutely no guns will mean a drastically reduced deaths. Any one who thinks contrary does not respect life. Period! Is mentally disturbed & a murderer!!!

Hans vlasveld
May 29, 2014
Comment to 7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Gun Control in America
[Got that? If anyone doesn’t think as he does about the right to keep and bear arms they are mentally disturbed and a murderer.

So what do you suppose he thinks should be done with us? It’s got to be one of the psych ward, prison, or execution, right? So, is he going to be taking point on the visit to my house?—Joe]


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  1. A “retired elder from Europe” should understand better than most the importance of private citizens to possess arms. I suspect he isn’t quite old enough to remember German occupation, but you can’t grow up in Holland without learning about it — and about the fact that the Dutch army collapsed even faster than the French.
    Then again, in spite of WW2, there are many jews who favor victim disarmament. It’s really very strange.
    Fortunately, not all immigrants are as stupid as this guy.

  2. Another chattering imbecile. As Joe asks, Hans, you gonna be in the group that comes to;
    a) disarm me
    b) institutionalize me
    c) just flat out kill me?

    Ah, I thought not.

    And, btw, I am trained, and once was one that you would likely have referred to as “one to protect us”. Now, not so much. I wouldn’t give one of the callouses off my dominant hand to protect you. I’m also pretty sure that statement would also get me a one way ticket to a rubber room in your world.

    Bite me, Hans. I’m sick of you demented, delusional authoritarians. Leave me alone, we’re all good. Screw with me or my rights, we’re not. Pissant.

    Jeff B.

  3. Man there is some hardcore numbers twisting and false dichotomies. Of course the biggest is including suicide numbers. Suicide is a really complicated issue, but when you flat out look at national rates across the globe the US is right in the middle, with lots of gun-unfriendly nations all around. If guns CAUSE suicide why aren’t the suicide rates LOWER in places like the UK and Japan? Also why do so many people end their lives without the aid of guns?

    I think I’ll do a blog post on this when I get a chance.

  4. I’m guessing that English is not his first language. But even then, assuming that things like double-negatives are a mistake from imperfect mastery of grammar, his fundamental arugments are still pretty utopian, i.e., mush-brained-idiotic.

  5. What does he think should be done with us? He makes that fairly clear.

    The irony is that the Progressive/authoritarian/jihadist mind, in its “respect for life” and desire for “peace” will eventually support mass murder, and when confronted with it, deny that the mass killing ever occurred while calling for more of it.

    It would seem to be completely disconnected from reality, and of course it is, but it is far from random discombobulation. It has a clear purpose even if those infected with it can’t see it.

  6. What’s really funny about this one – I guess it’s okay to use a gun to protect your cows, but not your kids.

  7. Huh, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty dang sure there’s no total ban on civilian arms ownership in the Low Countries.

    Carry for self defense isn’t an option, but ownership for sport and is.

    • I believe you’re right. But the actual policies are sufficiently close to a total ban that most Dutchmen can’t tell the difference. I know I couldn’t when I was growing up there. I did see a gun club not far from my boy scout troop house, though I never saw anyone there — it was just a label on a topo map, and a tall pole with some sort of object on top to serve as a shotgun target (???).
      Hunting exists, but I never met a hunter, nor anyone who knew one. We knew of poachers, but hunters were thought to be aristocrats walking around in green jackets with shotguns looking for rabbits. Target shooting? I did some BB gun shooting at fairs, but target shooting with firearms was something I never heard of.
      So yes, it might exist in some obscure and well hidden parts of society, but it isn’t a visible part. By and large, gun knowledge and gun skills are nonexistent. That includes the police — the main thing they understand is “firing warning shots”. That’s something Col. Cooper would understand to be “firing at something you can’t see when you have no idea what’s there or behind it”.

  8. Counter argument, think how well Prohibition worked out and modern day narcotics bans, how ignorant does one need to be to believe that firearms will not be readily available to those that find the law inconvenient. One needs only look to recent history to see the anti-gun agenda is doomed to failure.

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