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We have a slave class in this country.

There is a segment of the population that lives solely off the toil of others without making their own contribution. Their grandparents, parents, and children insist they are entitled to being supported by their slaves. They deserve to be supported and appear to have no remorse, see anything wrong with the situation, and fully expect they and their offspring to be able to continue to live off the back of others forever.

We have the slave overseers who punish the slaves who do not “contribute their fair share”. And actively seek the favors of their master who give them their power. They promise more and more benefits if only they will vote for them in the next election.

As Ayn Rand said, socialism is the enslavement of people by vote. And we have made great “progress” in becoming a socialist society.

Yes. I know. Comparing modern-day wage earners to slaves trivializes true slavery. But Marxists have been doing this for a long time and I’m not going to accept criticism for using the same tactic they use against us.

Footnote 1
From here:It can be persuasively argued,” noted one concerned philosopher, “that the conception of the worker’s labour as a commodity confirms Marx’s stigmatization of the wage system of private capitalism as ‘wage-slavery;’ that is, as an instrument of the capitalist’s for reducing the worker’s condition to that of a slave, if not below it.”[249]

Footnote 2
While doing a bit of poking around in the process of writing this blog post I ran across this fascinating tidbit:

A black man named Anthony Johnson of Virginia first introduced permanent black slavery in the 1650s by becoming the first holder in America of permanent black slaves.[116]

And this:

Some of President Obama’s ancestors were slave owners.[263]


1 thought on “Random thought of the day

  1. “Some of President Obama’s ancestors were slave owners.”

    And like all Democrats, he strives to be a slave owner again.

    Lincoln attacked slavery by asking what right someone had to live by the uncompensated work of another person. Today we have a class of people whose sole means of support is voting to live off others work. It is a softer, kinder form of indenture — though that may quickly come to an end.

    How much of the abuse from the government comes from their realization they’ve been riding a tiger? That they have to keep the welfare pump flowing, at ever larger volumes and ever better benefits, or they’ll be at the center if the next riot? How much of their fear of the middle class comes from what they think we’ll do when we realize our children’s futures have been sold for ghetto cell phones and bling?

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