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If we want to stop gun violence, the 2nd Amendment has to be reworked and we must pass bills that restrict access to all types of weapons. The rest of the civilized world has figured this out already – but Americans are always late to the party when it comes to doing smart and sensible things.

The big problem is that the 2nd amendment won’t be reworked.

Eric Bates
May 15, 2014
The “Guns Everywhere Law” Keeps Us Safe Nowhere
[Bate doesn’t realize that the US Supreme Court has ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is not granted by the 2nd Amendment nor “is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence”.

I think Bates should move to one of those “civilized world” places he think is “smart and sensible” where they infringe upon the right of people to defend themselves. He should choose wisely because I’m of the opinion we should push such countries to stop their human rights violations and respect the right to keep and bear arms.

Bates is one of those who Alan Dershowitz would call a foolish liberal.

If we want to stop slander and libel we need to rework the 1st Amendment. If we want to get more convictions for criminal activity we need to rework the 5th Amendment. And if we want to stop people with dark colored skin from committing a disproportionate amount of crime we need to rework the 13th Amendment.

We won’t be going there in my lifetime.—Joe]


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  1. It’s quite simple. Government represents the best hope, the Ultimate Power on Earth. Government is God. Government has (or should have) the power to make all wrongs into right, turn suffering into bliss, injustice into justice, need into plenty, hate into love, and transform human society into something beautiful and glorious. If you wish to limit the power and reach of Government/God, then you are an infidel. A scum-sucking enemy of all that is good and holy, and the sooner you and your ilk are swept aside, the sooner we can have redemption and salvation. The sooner we can be FREE. You arrogant, ignorant non-believers, you thorns in our side, you wreckers, you bomb-throwers and saboteurs, haters, are the only thing standing in our path to Glorious Freedom and World-wide Brotherhood under a Unified System of Light and Grace. (all we have to do is convert or kill, or simply kill, a few billion people like you)

    Why mince words? That’s the belief system we’re up against, though the “faithful” can’t put it so easily into words.

    • That’s the logic. Start with the premise, “Government is Good,” and it follows that more Government is Better, and Government controlling everything is Best. And if the premise is true, then its inverse (“Government is Not Good”) must be false, and anyone who believes it is bad.

      I just read – for the umpteenth time – Marko Kloos’ excellent essay, “Why the Gun is Civilization” (available here and here). Then, I thought of this George Washington quote:

      Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

      Take the two together, and the true meaning of the Second Amendment becomes clear: Government is not reason, it is force. But the responsibly-armed citizen cannot be forced; he must be reasoned with.

      Which places the government at a disadvantage. And that is exactly how the balance of power should be.

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  4. …but Americans are always late to the party when it comes to doing smart and sensible things.

    That’s because we prefer to do stuff that actually works. “Smart?” “Sensible?” He keeps using those words…I do not think they mean what he thinks they mean.

    • Agreed Wraith. Examples:
      1. Several hundred years of the peaceful transition of power between different political groups (excepting the Civil War).
      2. We do not occupy other countries (without their consent).
      3. We have generally destroyed dictatorships and imperial nations.
      4. We are/were an economic powerhouse where a citizen can be better via hard work, a business, education, and so on.
      5. A pluralist society where minorities can be heard and involved.
      6. Where religions can be practiced.
      7. Where the rule of law and private property are usually respected.

      Compared to the various hell holes of the world, or the hollowed out European nations that are weak on individual rights such as firearm ownership, free and uncensored speech, and economic opportunity.

      Of all of these, I would place the right of citizens to be armed to the teeth to keep the government from “going Nazi” on us as the most important. I would not be allowed to speak my mind politically or to practice my religion if the government seized all power. So, Eric Bates can go pound sand while my arsenal protects his pathetic behind.

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