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During Michael Bloomberg’s three terms as mayor of New York, he loved nothing more than to lord over the nation’s largest city. Now he’s just a normal civilian multibillionaire, sitting right below the prime minister of India on the Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people — a lowly position that is no doubt a source of immense personal disappointment. Short of patrolling New York’s parks in a spandex bodysuit to inflict vigilante justice on cigarette smokers and super-sized Slurpee drinkers, what’s a rich ex-mayor to do?

Luckily for Bloomberg, in American politics, controlling sublime amounts of capital is its own qualification, and lavishing it on pet issues counts as philanthropy. And this time, without an elected office to use for a pulpit, he’s going to need that money: After attacking tobacco and soda, Bloomberg is coming for guns.

Malcolm Harris
April 25, 2014
The real reason Michael Bloomberg cares about guns
[I think I found this via a post on Facebook but I can’t find it now to give the appropriate credit.

Bloomberg loves power and ordinary people having access to guns erodes some of that power.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Malcolm Harris

  1. And what did New Yorkers replace Bloomberg with; a libertarian? Alas, no. They love this crap, seemingly. Can’t get enough corruption.

    • Maybe it helps them feel better about themselves, having total scum-bags in high office.

  2. What the hell, why does the NYPD operate in ELEVEN foreign cities and have its own foreign policy and intelligence network? What kind of police agency is this?

    • A police agency that hosts the largest number of foreign diplomats in the world and that has repeatedly had to deal with terrorist attacks from overseas?

    • So? By definition, a police agency has nothing to do with diplomats.

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