Vampire time of year again

It’s vampire season again. As I reported last year (and 2006, 2007, and 2008) the recurrent joke about all the wood stakes we consume at Boomershoot is that they are for vampires.

Barb and I bought all the 1x2x18 inch wood stakes that Lowe’s had in two different stores and topped off our shopping trip with a visit to two Home Depot stores.

At the second Lowe’s the clerk did ask what I was going to use them for. “In the garden?”, she asked. I managed to keep my face straight until after I told her, “Vampires”.

The back seat of my vehicle is now full of wood stakes for Boomershoot 2014:


The empty milk jug you see in the picture will be consumed at Boomershoot as well. It is one of a dozen or two (or three, Ry hasn’t told me yet) that Ry will use in the opening fireball.


1 thought on “Vampire time of year again

  1. While everyone gets the “vampire” joke, we need alternatives for the better-read crowd. Maybe something about a gnome insurrections being lead by someone called Joan of Arc. Or a midwest drought killing cattle, making the price of steak rise, and you want to corner the market. Or a plague of micro-witches.

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