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  1. Aha! That’s code for: “If there is inconsistency between laws and the Constitution it was created by a lax TN government. Remove inconsisten[cy] by removing the Constitution.
    It’s only honored now in the breach, anyway.

  2. If “inconsistency” is the problem, then certainly it can be cured once and for all by making all laws and law enforcement consistent with the U.S. constitution and the American Principles of Liberty. In this case, remove all gun restrictions in all jurisdictions, eliminate the BATFE, and we will have achieved the utmost in consistency.

    • Not to mention the utmost in compliance with the Constitution.
      It’s an interesting project to scan over the Federal Government’s major agencies and look for the Constitutional article that authorizes its existence and activities. It’s obvious that for at least 99% there is no such authority. This is trivially so for any agency labeled “independent”. It’s also true for at least half the cabinet departments in their entirety, and nearly all of such departments as Commerce. (That one is interesting — a few of its functions are explicitly authorized by the Constitution, quite an unusual thing to see.)

  3. friends:

    always remember. they are fucking liars. they don’t want to “remove” or “do away” with guns, they want to “do away with guns” in your hands.

    they, and their minions, will still retain guns. in the hands of agents and employees and body guards. they, and the people they retain, will be armed to the teeth.

    to protect themselves not from you, as you present no particular risk of harm to them unless their is war and/or insurrection, but to directly suppress any chance of your political expression coming to fruition.

    this must be clearly understood, and at the top of every consideration. guns are power. they do not want you to have power.

    simple as that.

    john jay

  4. This was an incoherent attempt to attack preemption legislation by that twit.

    • That is the sad thing, too. We were discussing how the recent bill in TN to force park-preemption failed, and how that leaves in place a confusing patchwork of legislation from city to city and county to county that is basically intended to entrap law-abiding citizens.

      His solution? General confiscation. I wish he were the exception…

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