Quote of the day—Brady Campaign

The summit will feature experts, thought leaders, key advocates from across the country, and fellow Americans who have been personally impacted by gun violence. Participants will hone the skills needed to effectively engage friends, neighbors, media and elected officials in our national conversation about gun violence, and learn about what they can do in their community to help reduce gun violence.

The summit will close with a powerful day of citizen lobbying, as we join together to spread our message throughout the halls of Congress!

Brady Campaign
April 2014
2014 Brady National Summit: Bring It Home!
[I find the language used very interesting. “Thought leaders”? “Hone the skills needed to effectively engage…”? “Spreading our message”?

We don’t want people to have their “thoughts led”. We want people think for themselves.

We don’t “hone our skills” to engage people. We arm ourselves with facts.

We don’t “spread messages in congress”. We demand our congress critters obey the law and respect our rights.

They think differently from me. Perhaps more different than I can think.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brady Campaign

  1. I wonder if there is a scale in use there:
    Apprentice Thought Leader
    Jr. Thought Leader
    Able Bodied Thought Leader
    Thought Leader
    Sr. Thought Leader
    Master Thought Leader

    Do they teach that at Ivy league schools, is in a degree program?

    • They certainly teach it, though I don’t know if “Misinformation, Lies, Distortion and Manipulation” is an official program. Pretty much every program includes a fair amout of leftist indoctrination.

    • Yes. George Soros funded, and King Putt taught classes. The one thing he ever did worth a flip. (The quality of his teaching it, not the morality)

  2. Yes, they do teach that at Ivy League schools. Just read what Brandeis did the other day.
    “Thought leader” is a perfectly sensible term if you are working from totalitarian (a.k.a., “progressive”) politics.

    • “Thought leader” sound awful cult-like to me. A very deeply religious, dogmatic tone to the whole thing. They should not be allowed to speak, in government institutions because separation of church and state.

      • True. Much of what the EPA does is a violation of the 1st Amendment for that same reason.

  3. “They think differently from me. Perhaps more different than I can think.”

    You apparently don’t think in terms of how you can best deceive and manipulate people for your own enrichment, amusement and sense of self-worth. Assume that as the goal and you’ll understand the left perfectly. Look at people as, at best, farm animals needing to be herded and tended constantly, or culled when necessary, and at worst, as disgusting, toxic trash that’s in your way, and you’ll understand the Progressive movement perfectly.

    • That describes perfectly the Regressive’s view of the world. When reality doesn’t provide them with mindless followers, they’ll just create them via undermining the social institutions. See Gramsci. They’ve done pretty well with their goals, and Western Civ is in the terminal phase. Detonation imminent.

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