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This should have occurred to me much sooner. The world is unstable. Trouble in the Middle East is growing. Putin’s Russia is pining for a return of the “Glory” of the Soviet Union while radical Islamists pine for a new global caliphate, and China is a rising military power. The U.S. Continues to commit economic suicide. We’re well on the way to becoming a full-on surveillance state, with global information sharing.

You’re homosexual and you want to get married, thus putting your name on a list (a database) of homosexuals.

As gun owners and supporters of liberty, we know well the dangers of registration and lists, as they almost always lead to confiscation or something else unpleasant.

Just sayin’. Once the novelty of this great idea of “gay” marriage wears off, there’s nothing left but the long term implications. Communists, socialists, Progressives, Fascists and jihadists aren’t known for their respect of basic human rights, whatever they may have you thinking right now. And they all love lists, and the more detail the better. Lists are power to them. And they all consider the Earth to be vastly over-populated already.

As a white, male, heterosexual business owner, employer and father who has guns and openly advocates liberty, I’m already a target of just about everyone else on the planet. I’m already out of the closet, so to speak, and so I’m not afraid to say this. Someone had to.

I’ve never been all enthusiastic, eager and giddy about being added to yet another list in someone else’s database, speaking just for myself. Some friends of mine, a man and a woman, just got married, and kept it off record as much as possible. In their minds it’s none of the state’s bloody business. Maybe later you’ll be glad to have read this. I don’t know.


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  1. We make it too easy to be registered. The phone makers all build phones which enable registration processes, the Internet was DESIGNED to form a registration list or “network” of users, various political organizations all register the adherents to their political philosophies. It’s a “registration world” out there.

    What if a citizen declined to have a mailing address, phone or any Internet traffic?

    Are we still free to do that? We were in the Founders’ day. In those days, it was sufficient that someone else personally knew who you were. You were still a citizen, with all the rights due a citizen in our then-new Nation.

    We only got “registration fever” as the Nation gained years. We got that disease for only one reason: because we adopted European-style civil bureaucracy as an “aid” to governance.

    That bureaucracy then became an entity by itself, exceeding the actual, definable roles of the governments itself.

    As we begin to revolt against our overbearing governments, we assume that this revolt has to be violent to achieve it’s desired end of reducing the size, reach and power of the government. It does NOT have to be violent. All we have to do is individually remove the government from our lives, one by each of us. We do this by THINKING. We think of ways to exist without registering or enrolling on anyone’s lists. We adopt those ways.

    Man’s inherent laziness helps us. No government functionary wants to expend resources enrolling people who make it hard and expensive to be enrolled.

    Dr. Timothy Leary had it right 50 years ago when he said: “turn on, tune in, drop out”. The stoners all assumed he was speaking of drugs, of the hallucinogen LSD. What if he was saying, “accept Liberty as your ultimate life goal, use your mind to accentuate your freedom, reject being part of the herd of sheep that we’ve become”.

  2. The best known organizations on the Internet certainly are all about tracking and registration, but there are also ways to be far less conspicuous. Those are, unfortunately, not so easy to find.
    I’m hoping that the Blackphone project will be a success, it seems to be built on the right set of principles. (It helps that one of the people behind that project is Phil Zimmerman, who I trust to be on the right side of privacy more than just about anyone else I can imagine.)
    “Identity theft” is a crime created by the government. It’s mislabeled; the correct name is “identification theft”. The reason it exists is the pervasive insistence on people having identification documents, or identification numbers. The Founders had no “identity” theft simply because they had no social security numbers.

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