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As long as the community of gun owners prove themselves to be unable or unwilling to keep their weapons secure from people who would kill, a national gun ban would be the only right & reasonable solution.

December 16, 2012
Comment to Obama is not going to take your guns away. We are.
[But no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. I believe the date off that quote is a little off… unless you’re able to channel the thoughts of gun control activists from the future.

    • Actually that set of premises goes back decades at least. We were certainly hearing it in the 1990s and for all I know it was used in other countries a thousand years ago.

      It starts with one false premise and builds on it to other false premises;
      The founding lie, A) crime happens because people have access to certain household objects, is used to justify the next lie, b) crime can be solved by removing certain household objects from the world, leading to lie c) if you have said objects, you are obligated for the sake of all that is Holy to keep them isolated from society, which leads to lie d) if in the process of being robbed, one of your certain household objects is stolen, then it’s your fault, and YOU are the guilty party, which of course is all designed to lead us to the lie of the Final Solution, which is to remove all good, honest, strong, productive, free and aware citizens from the face of the Earth so the corrupt can have free reign over the weak and the blind.

      • You know, that actually makes a pretty good analogy.
        Is rape a crime?
        Of course it is!
        Do you blame the victim?
        No, what sort of misogynist do you think I am?
        But she was walking in the wrong part of town.
        Makes no difference.
        But she didn’t need to be there.
        What’s need got to do with it? She’s got the right to be in a public area.
        She was dressed like a hooker.
        It’s still not her fault. What she looks like makes no difference.
        The way she walked, she was just asking for it.
        No, she wasn’t. She was just walking, not doing anything illegal or harming anyone. It’s NEVER the victim’s fault. It’s the rapists!
        Oh. I see. So if I own a gun, and it gets stolen…
        Then it’s your fault, even if you locked it up because you must not have been secure enough. Especially if it was one of those black, scary-looking rifles. Nobody needs one of those.

  2. Nice how “gun owners” are separated from “those who would kill.” Guess what, Einstein – criminals are gun owners too, just illegally. How do you plan to separate them from their guns with a national ban – the felons among them are already banned from gun ownership.

    • The corrupt tend to support each other, as their common enemy (their common prey) is the good, honest, strong and productive person. The good, honest, strong and productive person is a threat to absolutely no one but the corrupt. See how this works? It’s very, very simple, and understanding it will suddenly make everything come together and make perfect sense.

      Our perennial problem is that we tend to get distracted by the rationalizations of the corrupt. Thus they see us as fools, and to some extent they are justified in seeing us that way.

  3. He meant “bann”, not “ban”. As in “a national proclamation that every married and marriageable adult should carry a gun.”

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