10 thoughts on “Epic straight-faced satire

  1. That’s great stuff. That woman behind him though; she must have been not listening, or she was high, or listening to her iPod or something during the whole thing while trying to act like she was paying attention.

    • I noticed that too. I wondered when she was going to crack a grin, or start getting offended at his ridiculing her position, or something. Nope, blank, light-on-nobody-home look throughout. It would have been fun to interview the council members later, see what their real thoughts were, if they caught the satire and could laugh with it, or were totally bent at being mocked, didn’t get it, or were agreeing with this serious and well-considered citizen proposal.

      • Yeah, well, you guys think it’s “great stuff” but to someone like me, it’s sarcastic and condescending.

        On the plus side, she isn’t rolling her eyes, which she would probably do if he unfurled his Gadsden flag and started talking about tyranny.

        I think it would have been better if he had made a serious point about why he feels the law is bad.

        • When a politician does something that stupid they deserve sarcasm, condescension, and scorn.

          How would you feel about it if the council were proposing that all joggers were required to wear helmets, elbow, and knee pads? Or maybe no car was allowed to travel over 25 MPH? Would sarcasm and condescension be acceptable then?

          • Yeah Joe, and then you should talk down to them because it’s not like they make the laws or anything…. The best way to get what you want from people is to treat them like dirt, right? (sarcasm, if you don’t already know it.)

          • it’s not like they make the laws or anything

            It is not like they are our employees or anything.

            It is not like they only “make the laws” because we allow them to.

            Oh. Wait. Both of those statements are true. So much for that sarcasm.

        • We DO have facts and the constitution on our side. When we point them out, we are ignored, dismissed, derided, mocked, and condescended to. We are told we are old fashioned, outdated, bigoted, paranoid, delusional, ignorant, and stupid, sometimes in so many words. No, I’m sure there were others there making the cogent, accurate, and valid arguments that were being utterly ignored. Hence, the value of this one.

          • It’s pretty difficult to point out someone’s blatant stupidly and their disdain for basic human rights while they take themselves oh so seriously and try to cloak themselves in a blanket of virtue, without a bit of sarcasm. If having reality pointed out to them is too hard on their feelings, they can find something else to do. No one forced them into a political position they have no business being in. They sought it, they took the Oath, and they’re using their position for evil purposes. We can either be sarcastic, or we can start doing no-knock raids on them like they’re having done to other people with increasing frequency. If they can’t take a little ribbing they can bloody well resign. I for one certainly have no use for any of their “services”.

        • I think it would have been better if he had made a serious point about why he feels the law is bad.

          He did. It would help if you paid attention to what people said, and not just how they said it.

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