I just watch the video Uncle put up on January 1:

It’s an hour long which is why I just now got around to watching it. I suspect that only about 10%, at best, of software developers will understand all of it. Non software security people will grasp only 10% of the material.

I had to look up several terms and I stopped it many, many times to more closely examine the classified documents. I am very impressed with the technology the NSA has implemented. That is amazing stuff.

They have tools that can, literally, fly over your home or city from up to eight miles and away infect computers with spyware. That’s just one of hundreds of tools they have.

There was some very serious bad-ass stuff in there that I knew was possible, and actually implemented prototypes of, years ago. They have it perfected and massively deployed. Seeing that they have it deployed explains some things that always bothered me about some of the projects I worked on or was sort of associated with. It all makes a whole lot more sense now.

The NSA people should congratulated on the awesome technology they have developed and deployed and then they should be sent to the gulags.


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  1. Oh, and it’s much worse than that. These exploits are from 2008. Imagine what they have with 6 years of incremental development.

  2. If our government is installing digital “soldiers” or spies on our home computers then it seems we may have a third amendment violation also.

  3. So, these hipsters don’t think there are legitimate targets. I guess they love Al Queda and hate America. Is this anything different from Alger Hiss, Gus Hall, and Frank Marshal Davis?

  4. Ok, so they are sucking up everything from 7 billion people, but are doing evil by targeting Muslims in particular? So that means that they are not looking at everything as that is impossible. So then they are targeting particular people? And his objection seems to be targeting Muslims who want to conquer the world. Typical reaction of a communist. Now, if they were targeting anti-abortion protesters, Nazis, or gun owners, then he would have no problem obviously. Does this man not read newspapers? Does he not see Muslims attacking Buddhists in Thailand, attacking Chinese people, attacking Buddhists in Burma, attacking Christians all over the world, attacking Jews all over the world? Does he not see a pattern here?

  5. LOL, Muslims visiting certain websites. I noticed that he did not mention the websites. Like the deep internet websites that Al Queda uses. I guess we know where his sympathies lie.

  6. So, gentlemen don’t read other gentlemen’s mail. LOL, why not monitor Angela Merkel? She is not an American, she does not live in America. What is wrong with monitoring her?

  7. OK, “Republicans wage illegal imperialist wars.” Now we know. Applebaum is a communist who wants to destroy America. Clearly he hates white, heterosexual, Christians. He is the Alger Hiss of the age. I guess Jacob Applebaum wants the Taliban to rule Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein to rule Iraq, Al Queda to rule the world, Islamic Republic of Iran to rule as well?

  8. Har, har, har, Peoples Liberation Army=NSA. Al Queda doesn’t use Soleris, but other intelligence targets do use it, Russia, Red China, etc. Dumbass doesn’t realize that Al Queda is not the only enemy.

  9. Friends who had their homes blackbagged? Does he hang out with hackers who steal credit cards? With Al Queda? Were his friends in America? If not in America, who cares? Did we need an arrest warrant to wage war on Nazi Germany?

  10. Poor Hugo Chavez. Killed by NSA radar. And dictators like him are what Jacob Applebaum is concerned about. Talk about the paranoid style in American politics.

    I noticed that he is not saying anything about the low tech harassment of the Tea Party by the IRS. And that is because Applebaum is part of the war on those who disagree with Barack Hussein Obama.

    And he doesn’t think that Al Queda terrorists should be killed? Applebaum hates America so much he wants Al Queda to win.

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