Quote of the day—Emily Miller

There is no reason for the government to prevent, much less prosecute, a former member of law enforcement from buying a gun for his law-abiding uncle. The Supreme Court should overturn the appeals court, but more importantly, make clear that the government has no right to intervene in private gun transfers between honest American citizens.

The ultimate purpose of the Second Amendment, the prevention of tyranny, depends on the government not having a registry or knowing who is armed.

Emily Miller
January 22, 2014
MILLER: Supreme Court ruling on Abramski could limit Obama’s radical, gun-control aims
[The only thing I would change about the above quote is that it should have been, “the government has no power to intervene”.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Emily Miller

  1. I find myself in the unfamiliar position of disagreeing. The government most certainly does have the power. What it lacks is the legitimate authority.

    The whole point of our system of government is that it IS designed as a power vacuum. There is power lying around, but those in “positions of power” are forbidden to use it (as little as that stops them). The unsavory are attracted to this by the possibilities for abuse.


    • Yeah. I debated with myself about the exact words to use there. I considered “enumerated power” and “power granted” but ultimately just used “power”. My thought was from the Supreme Court viewpoint they can tell the government that and be close to accurate.

    • Me too. I would only add that when government goes rouge, as has been happening more and more, it is inciting violence. They like to view us as rebels, or would-be rebels, but the rebels are the ones in office.

  2. Lyle,

    I was going to spelling-nazi your government comment, but I realized it works either way. 😉

  3. Everyone thinks the Free Shit Army is all about living high on the Government hog. We forget, at our peril, that the main purpose of the FSA is to give Government a base of support for their power-grabs. As the FSA is about to become the biggest de-facto political party (if it isn’t already), it is sobering to think that putting the government back in its Constitutional place means conflict with and defeat of the FSA.

    • When the Federals have the power to bankrupt you and whatever family you’ve been able to put together while in debt up to your eyebrows to the government thanks to your student loan, as well as the Building and Loan, you won’t be high principled when the time comes to vote for liberty. It’s easier to sit around and gripe at the guy with one more blanket than you and ask the mutual oppressor to make things equal. It’s why the Soviets used food and heat as well as the Gulag to increase its power.

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