Quote of the day—John Spero

Yet another cowardly mass shooting committed by a left-wing neo-marxist shooter. The idea that we allow liberals access to firearms in this nation is truly frightening to me. Is having the IRS intimidating political enemies not enough for the left?

John Spero
December 14, 2013
Comment to Police in Colorado probe motives of dead high school gunman
[While a case could be made that keeping guns out of the hands of progressives/liberals/socialists/communists/but-I-repeat-myself would make society safer I think the reality would be different. Such a law would be no more effective than the laws prohibiting recreational drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, from people. And that doesn’t even consider the principles involved such as equal rights, due process, and First Amendment issues.

The best that we can do is be armed and prepared to defend innocent life from these violent people.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Spero

      • Well, that was, of course, for the assertion last year that being opposed to ever-larger, ever-more-intrusive government was a mental disorder worthy of hospitalization.

  1. They’re extremely frustrated that we’re not fulfilling their stereotype of us being violent, so they’re trying to lead the way by doing it themselves. There are thousands of these “sleeper cells” of one, waiting in the wings, ready to snap after they’ve been pumped full of enough bullshit, anger and hopelessness by the media.

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