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The truth about the average American gun owner is that he is a slobbering fundamentalist alcoholic who would rather shoot you dead than shake your hand. These are people that would rather commit acts of terrorism against their homeland than work within the legal confines of the system to get their message out.

Anonymous Reader
July 26, 2001
The Terrible Truth About Gun Owners
[Imagine what they think “the government should do” about “the average American gun owner”.

These are very dangerous people.—Joe]


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  1. I tried reading that page. I couldn’t. Not just the article, but the comments as well. They were like word salad – I recognized each word, but the context seemed to be intentionally hidden between ad hominem and misrepresentation.

    It’s like a convention of O’Briens in room 101, seeing 4 fingers and giddily talking about 5.

    They are gearing up for their 2 minutes hate and need their Goldsteins and Eastasians to direct it at. I’m not white, I *rarely* drink and when I do, it’s maybe 1 beer if I finish it, I’m thin – none of which I think would matter to them.

    • No, it wouldn’t matter to them. What you’re seeing is not reason, but racism.

  2. Talk about projection? Which group is it that tries to suppress any attempts at reasonable communication? Which group bans comments on social media? Which group actually has no coherent message to actually “get out”?

  3. The writer of that piece is clearly seriously deranged.
    The level of projection in his screed is amazing.
    HE/SHE is a danger to society, plain and simple.
    Such paranoia and delusion inevitably result in violent out lashings against those they perceive as “threats.” He/she should not be allowed out in public without restraints and a escort.

  4. On the plus side, the site was “Mysteriously” shut down for undisclosed reasons on the 1st anniversary of 9/11.

    What you are reading is merely an archive.

  5. The terrible truth about gun owners is that they are resolving to not go quietly into that cattle car to the killing fields as you (anti-liberty statist gun grabbing control freak leftist scum) think they should for the good of humanity.
    (edited to remove gratuitous cant, invective, ad hominem abuse directed at the leftist masters of gratuitous cant, invective, ad hominem abuse).

  6. The message in the posted quote is that of naked, hard core authoritarianism. Of course the authoritarian sees the anti authoritarian as a threat, or an incipient terrorist. Same as it ever was– Your mere existence is a threat, both political and physical, to the would-be rulers of Men; the usurpers, thieves, murderers, pillagers, the rapists, and the bureaucrats henchmen, and regular, everyday lap dogs who serve and worship them (the ones with the thrills up their legs, and who post pictures of their Great Rulers in their offices and homes).

    It’s unavoidable. It never changes. It’s the story of Mankind. The only question is on how you deal with it. Take some heart in the fact that they fear you. They know. They fear you because they hate you.

    They hate you for what you represent, because they fear what you represent. To the authoritarian, you represent strength in defense of the individual and of liberty– two things they cannot abide because in recognizing individual strength and liberty, their whole world, their whole system, comes crashing down all at once and they’re left out in the cold with nothing. NOTHING!

    That is, in their minds, because they’re blind. They’ve been tricked into thinking they have nothing without the brute force system they live in. Having already fallen, they are casualties in this war.

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  8. DAng, I’ve been hanging out with the wrong people! All this time, the polite, mature, upstanding folks I’ve been learning from…I’ve been assuming that they were gun folks (probably due to their ownership and/or carrying of firearms)! Man, I feel so duped!!!


  9. If we really were as he described, he’d be too terrified of us to write any such thing.

  10. That is the type of person who would be upset with you for saving them from a would be killer, because you used a firearm to do so. There is no reasoning with that kind of stupid.

  11. The truth about the average gun-control advocate is that he is full of hatred, lies and prejudice, and is completely and utterly insane.

    Exhibit A above.

  12. Anonymous reader=coward you got an opinion state outright. Was probably wearing a scarf over their face when they wrote it, get a spine

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