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The Bill of Rights isn’t about protecting rights the government has no interest in infringing. It’s about protecting those rights which are in danger of being repressed by government.

For about the first 150 years of this country there wasn’t a serious effort to disarm the citizens. Starting in about 1934 and continuing until the present day there has been.

The Second Amendment isn’t outdated. It was ahead of it’s time.


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  1. More like it took Americans 150 years to start giving up freedom for the promise of safety they’ll never get.

    “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Ben Franklin

    What Ben SHOULD have noted is that those who give up liberty for safety always LOOSE liberty AND Safety.

  2. Safety? Safety? If your rights are being questioned, you are most certainly not safe. You are under attack. It is absurd to consider that those who are actively attacking care a whit about your safety.

    If safety is our concern, we should be thinking about the safety of our rights, our property, our freedom and our liberty. If those things aren’t safe, nothing is.

    “The Second Amendment isn’t outdated. It was ahead of it’s time.”
    In America, maybe that’s true. Globally, the right to keep and bear arms has always and forever been under attack, and will forever be under attack.

    • Problem is, as always, the disagreement on what is a “right” or what is “freedom”. Communists will say that you’re attacking their “right” to be free from want, the “right” to a living wage, to be “free” to engage in social engineering, “free” to confiscate and redistribute, “free” to demand a “sustainable economy” and so on. You’re an obstacle to “social justice” in their minds, and to “economic justice” and communists are smarter than you because they’re aware of these things and you’re in denial. Additionally, your version of “freedom”, in the communist mind, is a threat to the planet we all depend on for our very lives. You MUST be stopped.

      And so, both sides in this war (libertarians and authoritarians) consider themselves would-be liberators. One seeks freedom from wrong, to do right and the other longs for freedom from right, to do wrong– a criminal or a dictator wants his “freedom” every bit as much as you want yours. If you want to stop him, you’re in his way every bit as much as he is in yours.

      Eventually either one must resign or there will be a fight. Those are the only two possible choices. For several generations now we’ve just been putting off the inevitable, meaning that when the fight comes this time around it will be much worse.

  3. There isn’t a right in the constitution that those in power don’t care about.
    They care about power and control. ANY right of ANY kind threatens their
    grasp on power therefore ALL enumerated rights are in jeopardy.

  4. Amazing what the political & cultural aftermaths of large wars are, especially when combined with severe economical circumstances. Curious that the shift against the 2nd also followed the Executive’s severe power grab too… I’m sure those pensioners lined up in Washington scared enough of the political elite to start them down the civilian disarmament road.

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