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The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the flagship organization of the gun crazies. It claims to be an organization of law-abiding Americans who are doing more than defending their Second Amendment right to keep and bear firearms. However, the truth about the NRA is far from benign; the truth is frightening. They are a group of sociopaths with a clear agenda: unlimited gun proliferation at all costs, human and otherwise. They have not one iota of human compassion or feeling; their devotion to their implements of death knows no bounds.

Anonymous Reader
July 26, 2001
The Terrible Truth About Gun Owners
[Imagine what they think “the government should do” about “a group of sociopaths” with “not one iota of human compassion or feeling”.

These are very dangerous people.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Anonymous Reader

  1. Joe,

    Exactly what I was going to suggest, that their “human compassion and feeling” would likely not be expended on us sociopaths.

    You know, its a curious thing that they apparently didn’t feel this way when I toted one of the said “implements of death” on their behalf. I guess I magically turned from a good servant of the government to a sociopath when I folded my uniform and put up my boots (but owned my own EBR) and brass in retirement.

  2. Read the rest of that article. The racist bigotry in that article is just mindboggling.

  3. Yes, truly dangerous, sick people (those rabid anti-gun, anti-self-defense folks).
    Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

  4. ” They are a group of sociopaths”
    But…but…but what about them being lobbyists for the gun industry?
    “July 26, 2001”
    Ohhh…this was written BEFORE that lie was concocted.

  5. Just a thought: D’you suppose posting that article at a site called “adequacy.org” qualifies this as a Markley’s Law violation? 😉

    • I thought about it but figured I have so many other well qualified violations that I decided to not spend any time on making that case.

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