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After President Obama set the precedent with not enforcing the individual mandate and the discussion I had with Ry the other day I thought back to some of the other things he has done along the same line. The rule, in direct violation of Federal law, about reporting long guns sales to the ATF is one example. The selling of thousands of guns to people known to be ineligible to posses them who were delivering them to the Mexican drug cartels is another. And failure to prosecute officials in D.C., New Jersey, Chicago, and New York, etc. for infringing upon the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arm in general.

I was then anticipating the sweet, sweet pleasure of the screams of the anti-gunners at some time in the future. I was imagining that we get an extraordinarily very pro-gun president in office and, just like President Obama, he say you don’t have to pay a particular tax for the next year. The $200 transfer tax on suppressors, destructive devices, and machine guns would be at the top of the list. Form 4473’s are a burden, people affected don’t like them, so don’t worry about them. And, oh, by the way, we won’t be enforcing the NFA 34 registry or Hughes Amendment for the next year either.

At the end of the year, machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and destructive devices would be so widespread they would be considered, “in common use” and therefore protected by even a strict reading of the Heller decision.

The tears of the anti-gun people would be so plentiful we would collect them, put them in empty pop cans and sell them as reactive targets. Life would be good.

Then I had another thought. Obama also is not punishing the IRS for oppression of organizations opposed to his political party. Nor has he done anything about the NSA spying on everyone. And now the judges being appointed don’t need the support of even a single person in the minority party of the Senate. What justification do I have for even having a wild fantasy about something like that? What justification do I have to imagine the socialists will ever lose control of the Whitehouse? Or after the next election even either house of Congress?

The reality is that I need to put more effort into Plan B.

My next shipment from Dillon Precision arrives on Monday:



2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. It’s a well established tradition that Progressives can’t be held to the rules because they’re only trying to do the right thing don’t you know and so the rules cannot be allowed to get in the way, while, if those who favor liberty hold power then they must be put down by any means necessary and held to the strictest standards because, after all, you know perfectly well that the constitution is there to limit the power of government and of the majority. Geeze!

    Obviously then, if we end up with a pro liberty president, House and Senate, the cries from the left demanding all manner of protections for, and power sharing with, the political minority will one again be renewed and with a fervor.

    It would only be fair after all. This has already happened, and so it will happen again, and of course the Republican Party falls for it (or embraces it) every single time.

    And We knows that you can’t have a majority of tea partiers calling all the shots. That would put an end to the Progressive (incremental communist) movement and then where would We be? Mister We would have to start a war and there’s just no alternative– If this We guy can’t get the pro liberty folks to back down willingly, then We has to use any other means necessary.

    That’s the situation, and I submit that it has been the situation since at least sometime in the 1960s. I also submit that the Republicans sense this, if they haven’t been told outright, and that such would explain their behavior quite well.

  2. The pendulum swings: http://smallestminority.blogspot.com/2013/11/so-democrats-pushed-button.html

    It swings farther every time. But don’t tell only one side is pushing. Elect Republicans and see how big a hurry they are in to clamp down on the NSA or roll back the nuclear option. (We’re likely to get a Congress-ful of them, if ACA-Obamacare keeps on tanking as seems likely.)

    The war between naked power and individual rights was lost a long time ago and now we lose them by inches, as the victor — a government of men dedicated to nothing more than the pursuit, retention and use of power for their own benefit — claims the spoils.

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