When will they issue tags?

I just finished Emily Gets Her Gun: …But Obama Wants to Take Yours.

I had sort of followed her Washington Times series and hadn’t really planned on getting the book. I was sort of tempted when she won an award at the Gun Rights Policy Conference:


Finally I gave in and purchased the audible version so I could listen to it while driving. I’m not sure I should be driving when read it though. It generated a lot of adrenaline.

My thoughts on the book are that I’m going to do my best to avoid going to D.C. until you can get hunting tags for D.C. politicians and police.

The book should have a stronger title. Something like “The Most Dangerous City in the Nation is a Police State”. Or maybe “In D.C. Only Criminals and Cops Have Guns and You Can’t Distinguish Between Them.”

It is really, really bad in D.C. The roadblocks they put up to prevent you from getting or using a gun are bad enough. I knew about them and sort of accepted that is the way it is going to be until the Federal courts slap them down. But they way they treat gun owners even if you are within the law is criminal. The police have literally told gun owners, “I don’t have time for Constitutional B.S.” It’s not just the 2nd Amendment they despise. The ignoring of the 4th Amendment and due process is standard operating procedure.

The politicians and police committing these crimes cannot believe they are innocent of wrongdoing or protecting the innocent. Their actions are so atrocious that I’m serious when I say there should be hunting tags issued for them.

It will never happen you say? Hmmm…

Times change.

How long was it from the time Saddam Hussein, his sons, and thugs were comfortable in their position of power in Iraq until they had “dead or alive” bounties on their heads? Maybe a year or two at most?

How long was it from the time Mussolini, Hitler, and their thugs were in comfortable positions power until they were hunted? Maybe a couple of years. And Hitler’s thugs were hunted for several decades after their crimes.

How long was it from the time Nicolae Ceauşescu and his thugs were comfortably in power until they were being hunted? If you are generous it was about two weeks.

I have to conclude that when the government is a police state things can change extremely rapidly. It just might be possible there will come a time, within my lifetime, when people will be able to get hunting tags for the thugs in D.C.


4 thoughts on “When will they issue tags?

  1. They will never issue tags, because they would be authorizing hunting themselves. It will simply be the case one day, some months or centuries from now, that government employment will not be worth the risk, and the turnover will become high enough via retirement or “retirement,” that freedom-minded people will again control the reins of law-writing. What sort of problems will occur ‘tween now and then is a matter of much speculation.

    • if someone would promote the “tag” idea as a new “fee” or “tax” to generate funds who’s use would be targeted at helping the poor children of our under served segment of society there might be a chance of getting it thru.

  2. Should anybody think that the situation in D.C. is being exaggerated, it isn’t. I live in Northern Va., not too far from the District. I remember a conversation one evening at a local cigar shop. One of the participants was one of D.C.’s “only ones”, and I remember hearing this:
    “If we see a pickup truck in the city with Virginia tags, we know he’s there to buy drugs, and we know he has a gun”. And then with a wink he stated, “And we always find the gun”.
    And it’s not just the District. Many officers in neighboring jurisdictions-Arlington, Alexandria, and P.G. County, M.D.- follow the same procedures.

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