What media bias?

USA Today has an article today about “Armed protesters rattle Texas moms’ gun-control meeting”. They include the complete picture supplied by the anti-gun implying they were laying in wait to attack someone:


They severely cropped the picture showing they were posing for a picture:


Remember the original version?


To be fair, they did provide the rest of the text if you read the entire article. But why crop it out? What media bias?


8 thoughts on “What media bias?

  1. The anti-gunners lie and the media covers for them? Must be a day that ends in ‘y’.

  2. Notice how they cropped out the women and the kids.

    Because woman and kids are NEVER pro gun, and if they are, they are an “inconvenient truth”.

    • They’re not really “pro-gun”, you know, they just know they’d better go along or have one of those discussions with daddy with all the yelling and hitting. I mean, the narrative says we’re all like that, right? So it must be true!

  3. Geez. –But I would have liked to have seen some signage on the part of the OC crowd; without it, they are too easy to misinterpret. (Personally, I would not mind a little less OC; there’s little to be gained and much to be lost in going overboard. One or two AR-15s and a few of some other kinds of long gun would play to the cameras a lot better — and like it or not, everybody’s got a camera now.)

  4. But the media counts on people not reading to the end of the article, even though that is where the facts are.

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