CSGV now wants VISA to stop its affiliate program with the NRA:

Visa is helping to pay for NRA lobbyists who advocate against common-sense policies like background checks on gun buyers, and for dangerous legislation that would force K-12 schools, colleges, places of worship and businesses to allow the carrying of loaded guns on their premises.

I have a suggestion for CSGV. Why don’t you guys compare what a boycott by CSGV members would mean for VISA versus them dumping the NRA? It may be that this plan “can’t get the votes necessary” to succeed just like the gun control legislation they have been pushing.

The NRA has something like five million members. How many does the CSGV have?

Oh! That’s right. CSGV doesn’t have members so we can’t really do a direct comparison on that parameter. How about the number of people that show up for the annual meeting? The NRA has something on the order of 75,000. How many does the CSGV have?

Oh! That’s right. The CSGV doesn’t announce any annual meetings or make it known how many people show up at their meetings. But then a small apartment balcony with a couple lawn chairs is probably all they would need or could afford so announcing such a thing doesn’t make any more sense than demanding VISA drop the NRA.


4 thoughts on “CSGV and VISA

  1. Again; I’d much rather our freedom be attacked, if attacked it must be, by a small, poorly-funded and fairly incompetent group than a large, well-funded and very clever one.

    So for now it seems we’re pretty fortunate in that sense, but if our criticism is going to be focused on the size, competency or efficiency of those who attack liberty, we may need to do some major back-pedaling at some stage.

    • We don’t get to choose who our attackers are. The small stupid ones can make gains by shear number of organizations and luck.

      My attack is to demoralize them and encourage them to give up the attack on our rights. Yes, they are mostly insignificant, but their political extinction is achievable and a worthy goal. Picking and winning the battles you can is almost for certain better than fighting battles you cannot win. I cannot do much against Bloomberg. I can be a lot more effective against CSGV and let the NRA and other powerful civil rights groups do most of the heavy lifting with MAIG, etc.

      • By tackling a huge business like VISA, CSGV presents themselves as capable of doing so, even if they get nowhere. Plus they get more publicity for a useless attack against a huge opponent than if they get the corner news stand to stop carrying Guns & Ammo magazine.

        When they next attack someone, reporters will say with a straight face that “CSGV is well known for trying to get huge business organizations like VISA to stop supporting the NRA.”

        See how it works?

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