Quote of the day—Dan Gross

Common sense is not an intense emotion.

Dan Gross
President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
October 4, 2013
Almost a year after Newtown, does anyone care about gun control anymore?
[Gross’s problem goes much deeper than this.

Directly addressing, but still a surface issue in the big picture, is that “common sense” is frequently totally wrong. It’s just common sense that the earth is flat, mixing a cup of alcohol with a cup of water will give you two cups of the mixture, and the government fixing the rental price of apartments will result in affordable housing. Each of those are provably wrong along with the “common sense” claim that increased gun restrictions result with decreased violent crime.

The much deeper problem Gross has is that his organization has a systemic problem with lying. The most recent I have seen was just this morning. They claim they have “nearly one million members and supporters”. In 2010 they had a mailing list of about 50,000. And even those 50,000 are inflated because they include people who sent them email to tell them they have errors on their webpage. Deception is an integral part of their organization. “Common sense” is a house of cards in a windstorm when your view of common sense is nothing but deception and lies.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dan Gross

  1. There ya have it. The anti-gun crowd is not interested in “common sense”, even when they spout “common-sense gun laws”. They’re all about the emotion. The stronger the emotion, the better, which is why they’re all over the news screaming and hollering after a shooting…regardless of whether what they’re screaming about has anything to do with the shooting itself (reference their cries for banning EBR’s while the bodies were still cooling in the Navy yard, where no EBR’s were actually used). They’re out for the emotion, because to use common sense and logic, their platform crumbles beneath them. They have nothing more substantial than leprechaun farts to base their arguments on.

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