Why would you need a gun at the Dollar Store?

From the Seattle Police Department:

A 53-year-old man set off an intensive three-hour search by police Friday after he was spotted growling, performing martial arts moves and brandishing a machete outside a dollar store on Lake City Way.

Officers found the man near 125th and Lake City Way, arrested him, and seized what one officer described as a “big machete.” Police intend to book the man into the King County Jail for a weapons violation, and are still looking for other victims the man may have threatened.

You can be certain the police were glad to possess firearms when dealing with this guy and his victims would have been safer if armed as well.


3 thoughts on “Why would you need a gun at the Dollar Store?

  1. If he’s only got a machete, personally I’d not feel terribly under-armed with my Cold Steel boar spear. Of course, the fact that I fought for years with a pole arm in the SCA, nearly winning a crown tourney with it, means I’m pretty comfortable with a foot of blade on a six foot pole. That said, I’d still like to have a gun more if I had to fight him.

    • Then of course you’d have the retards bitching about ‘proportionate response’…

  2. Dollar General, Walmart, local grocery store, bad section of town at 2 in the AM….doesn’t matter WHERE. Its still a Right. Not a need.

    (to answer your hypothetical question with a completely obvious response)

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