The vim and vigor of youth

Tea party favorite, Marco Rubio has become a tragic figure. Now we must do what the Progressives want, or Obama will do worse by executive order. It’s one or the other, Marco says. No way out. No hope.

It happens to the best of us. We were all warned about this in the 1970s. Remember it. You may be all full of piss and vinegar now, in the comfort of home, with the deli just a hop and a skip away, but you WILL be afraid.

Then again, there is something we all need to ponder daily. We get frustrated at this or that Republican for his “having no courage” or for being “stupid”, etc., BUT in order to “fold” due to your cowardice or your stupidity, you must actually have had principles in the first place rather than acting like you had them so you could win an election.

The point is; there may be cowards and there may be idiots, but just as often there are schmucks who just play us for votes because they like playing the game. It helps them feel better than you.

If three percent of Americans were actually behind the American Revolution, I’d say there are far less than that number of principled members of Congress today. That comes to maybe five people.

In other words; there is no political solution, so you’d best be looking elsewhere. Politics is a distraction for the most part.


1 thought on “The vim and vigor of youth

  1. Five principled members of Congress… one could hope it’s that high. I’m fairly sure of one now that his father has retired. And somewhat optimistic about one more.
    Do you have references for the sentiments you attribute to Rubio?

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