What they think of you and your rights


This is what passes for reason in the mind of an anti-gun person. Assertions that validate their feelings are justification to deny others their rights.


7 thoughts on “What they think of you and your rights

  1. If by “Guns accent” we mean “Guns help protect us from” then the quote works fine.

    • I have to agree.

      With a wife and two dependent children, I find that mammalian nurturing requires that I defend them against the reptilian.

      As I get older and slower, I am human enough to recognise that I need to be smart about their defence – I have and will make use of appropriate tools that can make up for my human limitations and help me with that task.

      I will ignore malum prohibitum laws that restrict that right.

  2. Based on my limited knowledge of the formal rules of logic, I believe an unsupported assertion may be refuted in like manner. Plus, hominids are mammalians with thumbs.

  3. Circular reasoning is a logical fallacy in any language. Is this “reptiles” thing a stealth Markley’s Law violation?

  4. Who’d a thunk that the mice I raise for work are REPTILES! They’ll eat their young on various conditions.

    Further go look at how baby Alligators come into this world…I guess those big scaly bastards are Mammals?

    Hey, at least he THINKS he made a really cleaver comment.

    Also to tip my hat to Kathy Jackson, what happens when you mess with a Momma Bear’s cubs? Oddly the same thing happens if you attempt to harm me and mine, only my “Claws and Fangs” are the pinnacle of human ingenuity.

  5. BBQ’d Iguana…its what’s for dinner!

    Back in the day, I was a distance runner. Not award-winning, but I could get myself away from any situation provided the opposition did not start shooting at me. I can’t imagine that I would be carrying anything worth chasing me for 26 miles. Now, with screwed up knees (remember that 26 miles I mentioned? Yeah. Not good on my knees.) and married to a woman who cooks waaaay too well for my own good, and with a 4 year old who prefers to run away rather than actually listen to what Mommy and Daddy have to say (so…a normal 4 year old), my fight-or-flight options are limited. Limited to .45 or 9mm. Decisions, decisions…

  6. Sorry but my first thought was:
    from reptiles (eat their young )
    to mammals (nurture their young )
    to Liberals (abort their young)

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