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It isn’t eternal vigilance the residents of Illinois need, it is eternally outraged aggressiveness against their own government.

July 11, 2013
Comment to Three Yards And A Cloud Of Dust…
[It isn’t just in Illinois that this is needed. And there are lots of things to be outraged about.

The judge that forced Illinois to allow people the “bear” part of “keep and bear” arms didn’t prohibit the state from requiring someone to get a permit to exercise a specific enumerated right. Reading a book, even the most dangerous ones such as The Communist Manifesto, doesn’t require a permit. Worshiping the god(s) of your choice doesn’t require you to register with the state. And you don’t have to get the local sheriff to sign off on you exercising your right to have a lawyer present when you are being questioned by the police. The BATFB (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Books) can’t declare book as failing to meet a “religious purpose” test and forbid it being imported as they can with a gun that doesn’t meet its “sporting purpose” test.

Gun owners are like a child so badly abused that they are grateful just to be given a few scraps of bread in a bowl of water. The abuse has been going on for so long and so extensive that it is difficult for us to imagine what a “normal life” would be like.

Talk to someone that has lived in an abusive relationship for decades and then got out. Even after a year they will still marvel some little thing they are so grateful for but is really a normal human interaction. While in the relationship they didn’t, and probably couldn’t realize, that was another instance of abuse in their relationship. And probably just as, if not more, important is that the abuser absolutely does not see it as abuse. No matter how many times they are told, no matter how much data is supplied the abuser will insist the victim deserves it and no abuse is actually occurring.

It’s easy for someone from Idaho to see the abuse in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. It’s much more difficult for the people being victimized to see it. And the legislators advocating even more abuse cannot imagine why the victims complain.

Just like an abusive parent or spouse whose actions result in the injury and death of those innocents under their control these abusive politicians, who infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms which also results in the injury and death of the innocent, need to be arrested and given appropriate punishment.—Joe]


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  1. Thank you. This makes twice that comments of mine, posted elsewhere, have made your comment of the day. I’m beginning to suspect you waste a lot of time reading the blogs, like I do.

  2. All very, very good. I would only caution that outrage and aggression are the goals of the dark side against which we stand. To meet outrage and aggression with outrage and aggression is to succum to the enemy.

    Justice on the other hand is something else. The word is often misused, to the point that its true meaning has been largely obscured, but the enemy fears it like nothing else.

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