3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Background N015e

  1. I’d say that those who can’t distinguish between sex organs and weapons probably shouldn’t handle either.

  2. When will they realize that their recurring penis-gun analogy makes them look like a bunch of stupid perverts?

    What happened to the liberal cause for privacy in the bedroom with their demand that no one question their perversions? I don’t want to go there. Meanwhile, they want to wallow there. So, who is the pervert?

    The stench of hypocrisy and the smell of their decaying brain matter are horrific.

  3. Poke a Progressive just a little bit and he’ll start calling you a fag, or making other sexual, or racial insults. It’s automatic and can take less than a second, as if it’s always on the tips of their tongues ready to explode. This is why they talk about compassion, equality and tolerance all the time– They have none of those things built in, and assume no one else does.

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