Quote of the day—J

Now I want a Windows phone. You’ve done what the marketing department at Microsoft could not.

June 12, 2013
[This was in response to my post about “shipping” my exterior ballistics app for Windows Phone.

That’s pretty pleasing because one of the things that weighs heavy on my mind is that, as Barb L., reminded me the night before I submitted the app is that, “This is for people that are really into long range shooting and own a Windows Phone. That’s a pretty small market.”

Totally off topic. I don’t know who ‘J’ is in this context but my first thought was the author of this book. I’m pretty sure the author of that book wouldn’t use this gravatar so I can rule her out.

I remember Larry H. giving me copy of that book when he was finished with it. I was sophomore in high school at the time it opened my eyes about some things. Then my dad found it tucked behind some insulation in the attic and took it away.—Joe]


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  1. Ha! I am not the author of that book. The things I write are far less prurient. If I weren’t leaving for a protracted trip overseas I would get a Windows phone though. I do wish you the best of luck on your app.

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