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I don’t think I have ever heard it was “one tiny step”. But certainly a good case can be made that gun control was required for every genocide.

But the cartoonist isn’t really concerned with the facts. He just wants to dehumanize gun owners. Which, by the way, was also a requirement for nearly every genocide.


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  1. He is right only in that it is the initial, tiny first step towards genocide.

    Then, according to the playbook of tyrants and dictators, comes confiscation.

    Then, if the government is evil or tempted to become evil, then other rights like freedom of worship and expression bite the dust. He would be the first to be “disappeared” as a trouble maker.

    Finally, we have the scapegoating and targeting of undesirable people who are then sent to re-education camps for orderly disposal.

    As stated, nearly every genocide has been facilitated by citizen disarmament. It does not always devolve to this, but the blood of 200 million innocents in recent history screams that this POS should STFU.

    Finally, he knows damn well that an assault weapons ban is nothing more than a good first step. The goal is not about limiting firearms, it is about eliminating them from everyone, but the select few the government permits (e.g. military, LEO).

    Why, oh why, must we suffer these fools who know nothing of history and the darkness that inhabits the souls of man?

  2. That’s been one of my core points about gun control. No matter how you slice it, it will still represent a step backward, towards feudalism at the very least.

    Because the ‘elite’ (meaning those with enough money and connections to flout the laws) will never be bereft of weapons. Indeed, even if they personally have no weapons, they will retain the services of those who carry them (private or public security). Congratulations; we’re stepping back at LEAST roughly 400 years, to when the only people with weaponry were the military and the guards of the various nobles. The peasantry was just shit outta luck.

    Couple this with the fact that -every- tyrant has made a point of limiting the possession of weapons. Every time.

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