9 thoughts on “Red Girl Red State

  1. Why didn’t they make her pregnant? Is there some hidden “pro-life” message in this? I don’t understand why there isn’t one with just a woman and a gun. What’s the purpose of the child? Are all the women in Idaho mothers?

    Instead of “Red Girl, Red State” they should have put “Beauty and the Beast” and then the reader could wonder which is which.

  2. yes, we were shooting for a little symbolism. pro-life and the right to bear arms being high on the conservative agenda. i did want to make one with me and the silhouettes of all five of my children subtitled, “we have you outgunned and outnumbered.” but i was voted in down in favor of subtlety. currently we are making one of a lady (sans baby) captioned, “i only date red girls.” maybe that would be more your style. 😉

    • I don’t really approve of things like this because they just reinforce stereotypes. We need to move beyond stereotypes.

      • But stereotypes are BASED in reality – that is how they BECOME stereotypes. And there are a lot more “blue girls” who are interested in other girls than from red stated, I’d guess.

        • I don’t know about that. I’m a blue girl who likes men — real men (and they don’t fit any stereotype). 🙂

          If they are going for the stereotype, shouldn’t she be shoeless? And toothless too? Maybe carrying a big Walmart bag?

  3. Very blue isn’t good either. Maybe you could have a Purple Girl? Put her in jeans and give her a rifle and an iPhone? (Just kidding about the iPhone. I was trying to think of something outdoorsy but all I could think of was “saddle.”) Oh, I just thought of it — a rifle and a dog! Dogs are fairly neutral.

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