Quote of the day—Elizabeth Arch

It is sad that those two men need to prove their manhood by carrying big guns around on the streets of Portland… If they need proof, joining the military is a lot better than scaring little children.

Elizabeth Arch
January 15, 2013
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via the Rivrdog comment here.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Elizabeth Arch

  1. ARE they scaring the little children or are they scaring the moms who scare the little children? I’d hate to think the gumption that got women to the Oregon Territory has run so thin that today Ms Arch (how about that “Ms”, now? Hide whether the woman has any interpersonal skills) is sent into hysterics when she sees an inanimate object. If she had any real-world experience, she’d know from body language and the fact that she saw the man with the gun that she was in no danger. Bad men hide the gun until the moment of execution.
    Kim Du Toit’s GFW (Gun-Fearing Wussie) is appropriate approbrium here.

  2. Can we come up with another law that states anytime someone claims its scaring/for/about/ the children we get to shoot them so our genitalia engorge?

  3. Yes; any blame for “scaring the children” lies solely with said children’s parents. Lets compare this gun issue with the “black people issue”. A woman who goes about in morbid fear of meeting a black person on the street would then be blaming black people for “scaring” her poor, darling children (and how dare they?).

    Our sins are vested upon our children.

  4. Funny. My four year old daughter shot a Walter P22 this weekend, and from the ear-to-ear grin on her face, you’d swear she actually WASN’T afraid. Hmmm. Must perform more research on the topic…

    • Wait ’till the public schools get hold of her. Better yet, don’t make the mistake I made. Don’t let them near her.

  5. I wonder if that numbskull has any idea how many women are walking around proving their “manhood”?

    • I think she has a very clear idea. She is aware that the popularity of those young women with men because of their confidence in being able to protect themselves from aggression is in direct competition with her desire to be the most attractive woman in the room, so those women must be rendered helpless by any means necessary (effeminated?). If she can do this by hiding her desire under the idea of controlling those mean ol’ criminal men, then she will do so.

  6. Hmm, so the US military does not scare children?
    Maybe Elizabeth should go to Iraq or Afghanistan, or any other country where drones can be seen on patrol over their heads on a daily basis. She should as the children if they are scared.

    • edit: She should as the children if they are scared.
      Should read: She should ask the children if they are scared.

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