Nobody is trying to take your rights

Never underestimate the stupidity or gullibility of people.

I’m not sure if Moan-ami thinks we are gullible or they are just incredibly stupid. But who could believe these two contradictory thoughts in their head at the same time? Let alone say them in consecutive sentences?

Nobody is trying to take away your gun rights. Just military style assault weapons and limiting magazine gun clips.

Those guns and features most subject to attack are those in most need of protection, and are protected, by the Second Amendment.


7 thoughts on “Nobody is trying to take your rights

  1. Nobody is trying to take your abortion rights. We just want to ban 2&3 trimester abortions and abortifacients.

    Counter with that and watch them squeal.

  2. I know, I know, we have bigger fish to fry other than terminology, but I do think that if anyone has even the slightest bit of expectation that they will be taken seriously by gun owners, then they *will* demonstrate knowledge of firearms. So this irks me: “magazine gun clips”.

    I’ve been making of fun of idiots like this who call them ‘magazine clips’ by comparing it to ‘banana plantains’. I guess I can update that to ‘banana tree plantain.’


    • A magazine gun clip holds several magazine guns together in a convenient, east to carry package.

  3. After listening to clowns insisting “NOBODY wants to take your guns!”, who then either go away or insist “That doesn’t count” when I point to Feinstein and Howler Cuomo and others, I’m effing sick of them.

  4. No one wants to take away your 1st amendment rights! “We” just need to censor the Internet.

  5. Nobody wants to take away free press! We’re just going to restrict the use of vowels and adjectives.

  6. No one wants to take away your right to not suffer search and seizure … we just want the police to stop by and look around once a week.

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