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  1. I used to think that Alex Jones and his minions were just funny, but quite a while ago they graduated to evil imho. SSRI drugs are prescribed with the warning that they come with significant risk of suicide because the depressed recipient will regain their energy levels before they regain perspective. That should surprise no one, depression saps your perspective and then that takes your energy/will to act Coming out of it usually happens in the reverse order. So does that mean we should deprive millions of people of a normal life? Because they may face a time when they really need a counselor to help them cope? What a load of crap.
    Sure, we need better answers. But SSRI’s are so far better then the MAO’s and other drugs that they’ve (largely) replaced… saying that they -cause- high profile mass murders is … the kind of idiotic lack of perspective I’d expect from infowars.com. (Not that I have any strong opinion on it or nothin’ 🙂

  2. Well, that will teach me for not reading the whole article. If I’d scanned down and noticed that Jabba the Control nut starred in a video at the end I probably wouldn’t have read it at all. Sorry Lyle, but… Michael Moore?!

  3. I mainly wanted to broach the subject, again, since I didn’t see anyone talking about it at the time. I believe that most parents who allow their kids to be on prescription, mind-altering drugs are part of the problem. America is drugging her kids at alarming, disgusting rates and it is a crime in itself. Most of the time it’s to beat back the symptoms of being a regular kid, or being a kid with broken parents, and it completely fails to address the cause of the problems. I say that our culture (root word being cult) (TV, movies, music, public education, et al) is a major problem in itself. The kids react to our broken state, and we drug them to hell to make it easier for us.

    What’s next in the chain of denial? Ban guns. THEY must be the problem. Clamp down on the kids and ban guns. Put armed guards and cameras at every street corner, do TSA style searches at every school door, clamp down on the internet and so on, and when we do that it gets worse, se we’ll double down again, and it will get worse still as we spiral into mass destruction.

    That’s been the trend, anyway. Many parents and community figures are living secret lives of some kind, and/or we have pathological control/manipulation relationships with our spouses. We have a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other, and tell our kids; “Stay away from drugs, kid. They’re bad for you”.

    When they rebel, or turn their anger and frustration inward, we put them on antipsychotics and wonder what in the hell went wrong with them.

    One of my daughter’s friends. I’ve known her since she was very little– a perfectly wonderful, bright young woman, is now on prescription psycho meds of some kind, and my daughter actually thought she might like to try it. They’re passing this shit out like candy, and then hammering kids who try pot as if they’d committed a crime against humanity. WHAT IN HELL ARE WE DOING?

    Kids aren’t stupid– they know glaring, screaming hypocrisy when they see it, and when they react to it, we try to drug them into submission with a chemical straightjacket. Then we wonder why they go crazy and self destruct.

  4. For some, prescription meds for ADD or ADHD or bipolar or whatever are a god-send. For others, it’s a wrecking ball. But the whole culture around them is weird. Got a nephew on those for ADD – sold one in HS and did better part of a year in jail for it, because the judge wanted to “make an example.” He’s a good kid, and the meds really do seem to help him. But man, some days when he gets stressed and missis them, and seems to go spinning out of control, it’s really… interesting… talking to him. He get very heavy into haw everyone perceives the world differently, and very meta about everything. Other days, clear, lucid, sharp, insightful. Definitely not stuff to be taken lightly in any meaning of the word. NOt something I’ve got a firm belief on right now.

    • Sure; they seem to help some people, but they don’t address the problem at all. It’s like taking a pain pill to address a broken leg. It’ll make you feel better for now, but holy shit.

      “There is no pain
      You are receding
      You are only coming through in waves
      A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon…”

      But here’s the key to the lyrics;

      “When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse
      Out of the corner of my eye
      I turned to look but it was gone
      I cannot put my finger on it now…”

      Some of us know we lost something precious when we were young, but can’t define it. Others don’t remember a thing and think you’re crazy for talking about it. Others are trying to find it again.

      When I told that to my wife a while back, she physically recoiled, and got upset. Ah hah. It was interesting.

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