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You can’t make gun owners the target if you want to change the conversation. You can’t even make guns the target. The desired end result of any gun control advocate is less gun violence. In other words, less crime. That’s what you’re really fighting against. Saying you’re against guns actually distracts people from that message, and in fact invites many people to resist.

Drew Magary
August 7, 2012
Why Gun Control Isn’t Working
[What he is saying is mostly correct. What he apparently doesn’t understand is that “less gun violence” is not synonymous with “less crime”. Smart anti-gun people know that and very carefully avoid talking about less crime. The carefully chosen words they use betrays their knowledge that they are not anti-crime but rather are anti-gun and/or anti-gun owner, or just plain want to control other people.

If gun control resulted in less crime then answering Just One Question would be easy. But it has never been done in a way that would bring a smile to the gun control activist (see here for details). Magary needs to spend sometime investigating the facts before expressing his opinions. He isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.—Joe]


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  1. He’s falling for the lie– the belief that the leaders of the left want less crime. In the real world, those cities most heavily controlled by the left usually have significantly higher crime rates. You’d think they’d have learned their lession and changed their ways, that is, if they really wanted less crime. Instead, the Cloward/Piven strategy is in play– create chaos, collapse and overload the system, collapse it into a new system.

    Violating the second amendment is just a part of that strategy. Getting more people on welfare, gutting education, recruiting more angry neo-socialists, weakening the financial system, Quantitative Easing, attacking the free market, ginning up hate for the rich, burying us in red tape– all of it fits the agenda. And they get away with it because so many of us desperately want to believe that they mean well– that no one would be so crazy and reckless, or would actually want to bring the U.S. down.

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