Marxist—No ethics and no shame

Don’t believe anything people or “news” organizations on the left tell you. Check it out for yourself:

Introduced by Andrea Mitchell saying: “I get the feeling–take a look at this– that Mitt Romney has not been to too many Wawa’s along the roadside in Pennsylvania,” Romney says: “I was at Wawa’s, I wanted to order a sandwich. You press the little touch tone keypad, alright, you just touch that, and you know, the sandwich comes at you, touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, there’s your sandwich. It’s amazing.”

Momentarily speechless, Mitchell repeats, “It’s amazing,” as her guest breaks into sharp laughter.

Too bad the clip was taken wildly out of context.

In reality, Romney was illustrating the difference between private and public sector efficiency. After telling a story where his friend had to fill out a 33-page form twice to complete a change of address with the government, Romney holds up touch-tone sandwich-ordering as an example of private sector efficiency– not as a marvel of how the “common” man lives.

They claim they fired the producer that did a similar edit in the Zimmerman case. But the last time I looked they did not give the name of the person fired. Perhaps he got reassigned instead.

I have to suspect the ethical environment at MSNBC/NBC is the problem rather just one or two people drinking the communist Kool-Aid with no shame. “Communist?”, you ask. Yes. In both cases it was about promoting a “class struggle” view of our culture. These people promote a Marxist view of our culture and belong in dustbin of history with Marx and Marxism.

I don’t really trust non-liberals all that much either but I haven’t ever seen anything close to this level of misrepresentation in supposed news outlets.

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  1. I don’t really trust non-liberals all that much either but I haven’t ever seen anything close to this level of misrepresentation in supposed news outlets.

    Then you haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Understand the Enemy. They think they’re doing the right thing, hence Dan Rather’s comment; “Courage” (meaning; “Don’t let this setback dissuade you– keep up the struggle for justice”). The possibility that they might be horribly wrong never enters their minds. Lying to and cheating the enemy is a good thing, yes? So pointing out their lying and cheating to them has no effect on them. They’ll chuckle inside and keep doing it. For example; it would not be productive to point out to a staunch soldier of the Japanese Imperial Army in 1944 that he was hurting people in other countries– violating their rights. He has been programmed to believe that his race is superior in every way and that he is fighting for the glory of his people and for his God/Emperor. Well you get the point. You can’t appeal to their sense of right and wrong, or of honor, because their sense of right and wrong and their idea of honor is completely different. They serve a different Master, if you will, ascribing to an altogether different set of ideals. That you are criticizing them only proves to them that they’re doing the right thing.

    You are their devil (or you serve their devil) so of course you’re going to try to defeat them. Your criticism is their badge of honor. They’re getting a rise out of the servants of the “American Imperialist, Capitalist/Corporate Devil”. That only proves to them that you have been bought off.

    Until we can find a way to deprogram, or de-hypnotize them, the only things that will work will be getting to those on the fence, and rallying our own troops. You’ll have to study the fields of hypnotism and cult behavior to address the former. For the Imperial Japs, it took the smoking ruins of almost their entire country, followed by decades of occupation, and now no doubt there are still firm believers pining for the glory of the Empire of the Sun, plus the Nazis are rallying in Germany and elsewhere in Europe as we speak. Catching them in a few lies here and there will only drive them to more subtle (and/or more brutal) tactics.

    It’s a war, plain and simple, but between what and what? I’d say it’s between the coercive societies on one side, and liberty and reason on the other, but few will really understand that definition. So what’s a better one that more people can understand? Confusion is a weapon of the Enemy as much as anything. One might say that it’s the primary weapon. Clarity then must be ours.

  3. Back when I started blogging, there was that little CNN bit on the “Assault Weapons Ban” that the NRA called them on. I’m trying right now to find a piece I did awhile back that had a video comparing how the media dealt with $4/gal. gas under Bush vs. under Obama. There’s LOTS more.

    It’s just gotten so much more attention now that people can object and BE HEARD.

  4. @Kevin, but what about lies by the media that benefit non-liberals? I haven’t recall seeing any of that.

    I knew this woman who said she stopped reading the Washington Post (!) because it was nothing but a conservative mouth piece. When I laughed at her I think that was the end of us talking about politics. So I didn’t get into what she thought the biases really were.

  5. @joe, that just means she was more liberal than the WaPo. everyone (in a general sense) sees themselves as the happy and sane middle ground. if she was to the left of someone, well that obviously means they’re a right wing extremest nutcase. . .

  6. @lucusloc, Someone more liberal that WaPo is like, “Wow!” To give you a clue… this was in about 2003 and she said her ideal presidental candidate was Hillary Clinton. I taught her to shoot a gun and she thought that it was fine that I had guns, but she would never want “ordinary people” to have them because they couldn’t be trusted with them. I said something about her elistist mindset she took great offense and she never talked to me again.

  7. I have chosen to ignore/refute the Main Stream Media (MSM) for years now. My happiness increased exponentially.
    I will attack them without mercy for their biased coverage because they claim they are so fair and reasonable. Bull!

    One example is sufficient: Fast and Furious.

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