Lying in hopes of winning

I recently received an email containing the following from “The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus” (emphasis in the original):

Over the last few years, the gun lobby has secretly tried to change state laws and force concealed weapons on college campuses in many states. We need your help, so that we can continue our successful fight against the gun lobby over the next few months.

The gun lobby has been secretive about trying to change state laws? How would this even be possible? State laws are changed by legislative actions which are far from secret.

The gun lobby has tried to force concealed weapons on college campuses? How would this even be possible? Has the gun lobby has been trying to ram vehicles through road blocks?

They have been successful? This is only true if they define success as not losing every single time. Our progress is not as fast as we would like but we have not experienced any loses. We have had some wins and many failures to score. But those failures to score are almost certain to be less and less likely. The specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms is very unlikely to be declared null and void on college campuses. All it will take is for one or two good court cases and hundreds if not thousands of colleges with repressive laws against gun ownership will have their rules struck down by court order.

Soon they will be irrelevant and out of a job. They are desperate and that explains their lies.

My advice to them is to change their names and go get another job.

Why change their names? Think of it this way; What are the job prospects of someone who used to be a high ranking Klan member?

4 thoughts on “Lying in hopes of winning

  1. “What are the job prospects of someone who used to be a high ranking Klan member?”

    Congress? Byrd got paid pretty well all those years.

    Somehow rotten bastards do great and good people get screwed.

  2. When you are willing to trade your soul for a quick buck, there are lots of employment opportunities. Only most are of a similar nature to their current employment: in the service of evil.

    Look at these folks’ job prospects this way: How many employers need unscrupulous employees to do horrible things? There is the future job market for these folks! Some will end up repenting, others will become videographer/mistresses on political campaigns.

  3. How come none of the R2KBA bloggers I follow have even mentioned the recent Seattle shootings?


    Of particular concern was that Wednesday’s mentally ill shooter was in fact a CPL (CCW) holder in WA state. Seattle’s mayor is talking about working around state preemption.

    It’s not good at all. Perhaps worse, since we’ve so long enjoyed fairly free gun laws, we don’t have a vigilant 2A community as you may find in oppressed locations.

    Any help is appreciated.


  4. @Sean, I planned to read the articles and consider blogging about it this weekend. Ry and I talked about it some yesterday but beyond that I haven’t put much thought into it yet.

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