That’s an easy one

Clayton wants some help:

I have been asked to help write an amicus brief challenging a state discretionary permit issuance. In state after state, as shall-issue laws have worked their way through the legislative process, opponents of shall-issue have repeatedly stated that “blood with run in the streets” “It will be like the Wild West” and similar claims.

Our enemies are one of the best sources for ammunition to be used against them. There own words are riches just waiting to be mined.

The keyword “site:” can be used with both Google and Bing. This restricts your search to just a single domain. Hence the search phrase “wild west” yields good results (Google yields a few more than Bing but I’m not convinced they are better). “blood in the streets” is somewhat less interesting.


1 thought on “That’s an easy one

  1. I agree that the left in general, and the anti 2A movement in particular, has been incriminating itself for years and years. How did that saying go? Something about hanging us with our own rope. It was said by a communist in reference to hanging the West, but I think it works better the other way ’round.

    Then there is the other side of it– public employees stating the facts and principles of the right to bear arms;

    “Just because we (law enforcement officers) are charged with protecting the public, doesn’t mean the public shouldn’t be able to protect itself.

    “As one of the founding fathers said, ‘The government that doesn’t trust me with guns, I don’t trust that government,'” — Wayne Rausch – Latah County Sheriff, State of Idaho

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