5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—someguy

  1. I’m confused, do these guys think that if you have a penis of sufficient size all you have to do when attacked is whip it out and smack the attacker as if your dick was a Louisville Slugger?

  2. We are to assume that if you have a penis of sufficient size, you need never concern yourself with anything else. Ever. It is all that matters. As for women, I don’t know. They are presumably left out of the equation, unless they can manage to attach themselves to properly endowed men. In the latter case, again, nothing else matters whatsoever— there are no further concerns in life.

  3. I thought that was the function of small European sports cars.
    And hair weave.
    And young women with bleach-blonde hair, younger than your daughter.

    JD, if you are sufficiently endowed, you are not bothered when you walk down the street, the bad guys can sense the superiority of your physical endowment.

    What’s the word for this? I’m looking for a word like “Scatological.”

  4. I don’t know about everybody else, but when I carry a gun I AM compensating for my personal inadequacies.

    I’m compensating for the fact that I can’t shoot 147 grain copper and lead projectiles at 1400 fps from my penis.

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