What’s Going On With Gun Sales?

Via an e-mail from the NRA (Yes; I am part of the “triangle of death” and as a card-carrying member, I get the sooper secret decoder ring and classified e-mails)

What’s up with gun sales?  Americans are rediscovering the fun and utility of gun ownership, that’s what.  People are starting to shrug off the effects of political and social bullying, saying “to heck with all that nonsense – guns are good, I want one and I’m buying one (or three)”.


3 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Gun Sales?

  1. The NRA is spinning madly, too afraid of both their own shadow and the truth. The truth is, that there is a significant threat of a second Obama term, and most of us expect that in that second term there will be drastic gun control measures implemented. We are simply playing our hunches, and putting the money where our expectations lie. BTW, even if it’s Romney, there is still some threat of gun control measures from the left side of the GOP, just not as drastic, but still a threat.

    NRA, come out from under that wishful-thinking rock. Meet the people who are putting their gun dollars out there to counter this threat to freedom. Talk to us, gain our confidence, and maybe some of those dollars might flow your way to fund some meaningful opposition to gun control. We’re here, we’re not going away, but we’re not buying your program, either, as of now.

  2. “…most of us expect that in that second term there will be drastic gun control measures implemented.”

    The article mentioned that. My comments are my own. I’ve mentioned the Obama effect on gun sales many times since 2008 and so has Joe. Actually this goes back at least to the Clinton years, wherein Bubba was awarded the title “Gun Salesman of the Year” by many a gun shop owner. I bought my first gun back then, and for that very reason (the Brady Bill was coming into effect and I wanted a “powerful gun that holds a lot of bullets” before they were banned, so I’m well aware of those motivators. The article also specifically mentioned the looming economic collapse, and the possible influence of TV shows like Top Shot, Doomsday Preppers and others. Don’t get too excited.

    I placed all that together as a package in forming my comments, particularly the “fun and utility” bit. That perple are seeing the utility of gun ownership, in this environment, is part of the mix, see. The other part is that people (some people) are finally waking up to the long period of misinformation about guns and gun users. It’s like throwing off a veil that’s been covering your eyes, that you only just realised was there.

    Besides; I can’t tell you the parts I had to decode using my sooper seecrit, triangle of death NRA decoder ring. I’m under oath, Man.

  3. I have converted several anti-gun people in my life. The most recent was my brother in law, who was virulently anti-gun and had never even held one in his entire life. After a bunch of nagging, i finally got him to agree to go shooting with me. He hasn’t stopped talking about it in 5 years. He now owns 5 guns, and wants to buy more. Every time he comes over, we schlep over to the Double Barrel Ranch south of town here and go shoot sporting clays. he is working on his hunter’s safety card right now.

    The fact is, and I can’t stress this enough whenever some anti-gunner asks me why I think I need to own guns, guns are stupidly fun and enjoyable. If you don’t use them for anythign else other than blasting some clays or punching holes in paper every once in a while, they are still totally worth keeping around.

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