Quote of the day—Patrick Kerkstra

The gunfight is over, and the cities lost. The question is: Do they realize it yet?

Patrick Kerkstra
February 14, 2012
Cities facing a tough fight on gun control
[If they were to think about it rationally they cannot help but realize it. But most are probably in denial. Those that are not in denial have only moved to the anger stage. They have quite a way to go before reaching acceptance.

Even though Kerkstra has arrived at the correct conclusion he doesn’t seem to consider that it is even plausible that guns are useful for protection. To him, “guns represent a plague, not protection”.

A suggestion to Kerkstra: answer Just One Question then get back to me.

I’d leave a comment for him but it appears they have implemented “Reasoned Discourse”.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Patrick Kerkstra

  1. Perhaps a better analogy is that guns are like the gene that causes sickle cell anemia. Every once in a while someone is stuck with two recessives, but the rest of the time everyone enjoys added protection from malaria.
    Even then, that analogy doesn’t reflect the moral choice involved in the use and misuse of guns.

  2. This goes along the lines of “Just One Question”, but really: why are anti-gun fanatics so quick to point to places like Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC, as examples why we need gun control, when thes places have gun control, and are still violent cesspools?

    Of course, if they tried to draw our attention to cities that didn’t have gun control for their examples…well, their murder rates aren’t as bad, so they aren’t as useful for trying to illustrate the need for gun control, are they?

    Never mind that “gun control” and “high murder rates” go hand-in-hand.

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