Blister packs at Costco

A long time ago Greg Hamilton said, “We’ll know the gun-grabbers have been put out of business when you can buy a blister pack of six Glock’s at Costco.”

We aren’t there yet but we are getting closer. Last night at Costco I saw blister packs of three “Tactical Flashlights”:


4 thoughts on “Blister packs at Costco

  1. It’s only a matter of time.

    Wal Mart quit selling handgun ammo several years ago, I guess because it was deemed un-cool. When I was buying a brick of .22 rim fire ammo back then I was asked if it was for a rifle or a handgun (because they weren’t going to sell it for a handgun. I told the cashier to take her pick, laughing at her. She sold me the ammo.

    Now they sell tons (literally) of handgun ammo, and they sell AR type rifles!

    I don’t know about a six-pack of Glocks, but one Glock sold in a blister pack, from the regular store isles, in my lifetime, in Idaho, would not surprise me (six in one package would not be wise marketing for a 500+ dollar gun). If you want a taste, visit Buffalo Arms in Ponderay, ID, and you can walk out with a Colt Walker percussion six shooter (more powerful than a 45 Colt) with no paperwork. Or just order one on-line and have it shipped directly to your door.

    I don’t know why we put up with the anti-rights douchebags. That in itself would be an interesting course of study– why would any perfectly good human being tolerate such transgressions? What makes an otherwise fearless business tycoon stop selling handgun ammo? What makes a principled homeowner, father and businessman allow someone to speak out against human rights? I keep asking myself that, and still I have no answer.

  2. Would the Glock still be a $500 gun if all the Gov’t regulations on firearms were done away with?

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