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In the late 1980s and into the mid-1990s, the framing of the gun control debate continued to revolve mainly around criminal justice. But this time the “bad hands” and “bad guns” had changed. The target of gun control efforts became the urban gang and the “assault weapons” that gang members used. The new focus on assault weapons gain clarity after Patrick Purdy used an AK-47 to kill five children at a Stockton, California, elementary school playground in January 1989. In that year the Nation Coalition to Ban Handguns changed its name to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to reflect its view that assault rifles, as well as handguns, should be outlawed.

Kristin Goss
Disarmed: the missing movement for gun control in America, see the actual text in a preview of the book on page 112.
Published November 17, 2008
[This is supporting evidence to refute those that claim CSGV does has not advocated banning handguns for more than 20 years. See also the Wikipedia article on CSGV.

There is more (posted March 29, 2002) evidence at (posted November 1, 2003) these web pages which all (posted January 21, 2002) claim (posted July 16, 2003):

CSGV supports a ban on the importation, manufacture, sale and transfer of handguns and assault weapons, with reasonable exceptions for police, military, security personnel, gun clubs, and antique and collectable firearms stored in inoperable condition.

Also of interest is the domain gunfree.org (created 19-Feb-1997) is an alias for csgv.org (created 09-Jul-1999) and is used as the reference for a number of those pages. Hence any reference to either gunfree.org or csgv.org must have been created since those domains were registered. Since both domains were created in the last 15 years claims that CSGV has not advocated banning handguns for over 20 years must be considered false.

One must also ask the question, “What would be the objective of an organization who uses the domain name of GunFree.org?” My hypothesis would be that they wish to ban all guns.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kristin Goss

  1. This is a “wrestling with swine” moment, I think. You just end up dirty, and the pigs enjoy it.

    Instead of pointing out their lies, I think you have had more fun and better effect to suggest repeatedly they are following the path of the KKK in denying citizens their rights, as you have so often written. Make them defend their actions, instead of wasting time on their lies, which they know are lies and which they use only to defame their opponents.

    When it gets to the point that ridicule is the standard and instant response to their idiocy, their lies will not matter anyway.

  2. That book was the most disjointed bit of Nonsense I’d ever read. It focused on irrelevant details in attempts to show that gun control actually works, and ignored massive failures like the AWB because it was an inconvenient truth.

  3. To say that the gun control movement consists of liars goes without saying.

    Communists are always chameleons. They know that if they come straight out and declare themselves as wanting to enslave Mankind they’ll be rejected. They’ll change their colors to blend in with polite society, pretending to have noble interests, but the goal is always the same– Their motivation stems from opposition to liberty.

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