Anti-gun politician gets his prison sentence

It’s not for the crimes he committed against gun owners but 14 years in prison will keep him off the streets long enough and probably out political office forever such that Rod Blagojevich will never trouble us again. Read about his sentence and crimes here, here, and here.

I first heard about Blagojevich from a friend who was a gun-rights activist in Chicago. Some of the stories were astounding. The corruption and abuse of power that comes out of that political cesspool makes it very clear why they don’t want citizens to own firearms. People that willing to causally abuse the power of government for personal gain know the subjects of their abuse will entertain thoughts of ending their reigns of terror via lead poisoning.

Here is an open letter to Blagojevich my friend wrote when Blagojevich was in Congress.

Good-bye and good riddance to Rod Blagojevich. He is just one more anti-gun politician in prison where they belong. There are many more on my list.


2 thoughts on “Anti-gun politician gets his prison sentence

  1. That sleazebag Blago will be out in two or three years. As far as his future following his temporary stay in custody is concerned,
    Consider the plight of of Palm Beach Florida’s congressman, one Alcee Hastings. Formerly a federal judge, convicted in the
    house of representatives of taking bribes and impeached. (by a jury of his peers – – peeps? – – ) He’s disbarred and a convicted felon. What else can he do but
    become a congressman! He keeps on getting re-elected too.

  2. According to one of the articles I read he will be required to serve 85% of the sentence. Which makes it about 12 years. Of course he is appealing the conviction and probably the sentence so that could change things.

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