Quote of the day—Douglas Howard Ginsburg

The basic requirement to register a handgun is longstanding in American law, accepted for a century in diverse states and cities and now applicable to more than one fourth of the Nation by population. Therefore, we presume the District’s basic registration requirement, D.C. Code § 7-2502.01(a), including the submission of certain information, § 7-2502.03(b), does not impinge upon the right protected by the Second Amendment.

Douglas Howard Ginsburg
United States Court of Appeals
Dick Anthouny Heller, Et. Al. v. District of Columbia, Et. Al. October 4, 2011
[Slavery, segregated restaurants, laws against interracial marriage, and the death penalty for homosexuals was accepted for more than a century in this country. That didn’t make them constitutional. Rights do not become privileges subject to denial because they are repressed in some portion of the nation for some set period of time.

Three fourths of the nation by population do not have their firearms registered and those areas had as low or lower crime rates than the areas that did have their firearms registered. Therefore one must conclude that firearm registration serves little or no benefit to the people. No question would be given to legitimacy of registration for First Amendment rights hence registration to exercise Second Amendment rights must be constitutionally suspect.  Thus registration of firearms fails to pass any level of scrutiny.—Joe]


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  1. Huh? I read this post recently, written by Adam Winkler, author of “Gunfight”:

    “In writing Gunfight, I was surprised to find that the Founding Fathers who wrote and ratified the Second Amendment had a lot of gun control. They barred large portions of the population from possessing guns, including slaves, free blacks, and even white men who opposed the Revolution. I’m not talking about traitors, I’m talking about law-abiding citizens who were exercising their freedom of speech to argue that the Revolution was a bad idea. The founders also had severe militia laws which required gun owners to appear at public gatherings, where their guns would be inspected and registered on state rolls. They even had a version of the “individual mandate” that’s proven so controversial in Obama’s healthcare reform: the founders required citizens to arm themselves with military-style firearms. The Founders did not see the Second Amendment as a libertarian license for anyone to have any gun, anywhere he wanted. If Madison were running for office today, the NRA would surely refuse to endorse him.”

    (from here: http://fdlbooksalon.com/2011/09/17/fdl-book-salon-welcomes-adam-winkler/)

    Isn’t “guns would be inspected and REGISTERED ON STATE ROLLS” similar to what you are complaining about?

  2. John Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts. That didn’t make them right.

  3. I don’t understand why we keep trying to answer insincere arguments against gun ownership. Time and time again we have explained the error of their ways. So far I am yet to see a gun grabbing politician that will give an honest answer to why he is afraid of legal gun owners. Is it possible that they fear armed insurrection if they go to far outside the boundaries of the Constitution? It seems to me to be a better answer to the question of why they are afraid. I would love to get an honest response from a gun grabber, but so far I haven’t found one willing to back up his or her claims with verifiable facts.

  4. I doubt if you ever will get a good answer, Panamared. Every gun-grabber I’ve ever met has either been completely ignorant of the facts, or a bald-faced liar.

  5. In regards to what ubu52 wrote, I thought that the state registration of firearms was to prove that the citizens in the militia were adequately armed and not shirking their duty and obligations to provide for defense. Quite the opposite of the complaint expressed. I might change my tune on registration if the government handed me an evil black rifle and 1000 rounds and told me it was for my own protection and to ensure the government never tried to exceed its authority. No luck on this freebie, so I bought it myself.

  6. ubu52, only the arms required for militia service were inspected. But go ahead and keep pretending you didn’t know that.

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