An opportunity

Paul M. Barrett is at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. I talked to him for a couple hours last night.

Barrett is the author of this article which includes:

The rise of the Glock and other semiautomatic handguns cannot be linked to variations in overall crime rates. But that doesn’t mean it would be pointless to take small steps to reduce mayhem, such as restricting magazine capacity. One lesson of Tucson is that there is a difference between a 33-round clip and an 8- or 10-round clip.

If I get another chance to talk with him I’m going to show him this video:

Then I will bring up the constitutional issues.

He just sat down by me. Time to get busy….


7 thoughts on “An opportunity

  1. The very premise, that government should outlaw things as a means of “preventing” crimes is horendous. Ask Paul where this sort of thing stops, exactly, once the premise is embraced.

    What would it really take to make murder physically impossible?

    I know– respecting potential victims’ right to be armed. That’s about as close as you could ever get, short of putting us all into individual rubber rooms, in straightjackets.

    And what is the goal, anyway– liberty and justice on one hand, or physical safety mandated by force of law on the other? We certainly can’t have it both ways, as one destroys the other.

    This country was founded with the idea of securing liberty and justice for all. I sort of like that ideal, personally.

  2. Interesting… What’s a Harvard Law School grad (*credentials!*) “responsible for overseeing investigative projects” and Assistant Managing Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek doing among a bunch of homespun gun-bloggers? Is he just a sensationalist lead-and-blead journalist – and one who follows his Master’s voice?
    Does he know that one of Bloomberg’s MAIG Mayor is 45 times more likely to be convicted of crimes than Florida concealed firearm license holders?Is he a “Real Gun Guy,” or is he an “American Hunters and Shooters Assn.” false-flag-flyer, doing his 60-Minutes best?
    The second time I miss a Rendezvous and some real interesting stuff starts to happen!

  3. One lesson of Tucson is that a giant 33-round “clip” can be easily levered away from a shooter by an old lady… What lesson did he really learn from Tuccson, the steps for the blood-dancing polka?

  4. Go get him!

    I had an experience with a lawyer I’m working with. He collects old flintlocks but has shot some MG’s since his cousin is a 07/02 FFL. I told him about Michigan getting suppressors legalized recently and how it is a good thing. His response:

    “You can wear ear protection. Silencers will do nothing but cause crime, what a stupid decision.”

    I should have then said all >.50 caliber firearms should be banned since they can shoot down planes. Of course it would have been lost on him that all of his flintlocks were 50 cal or larger.

    Stupid Fudd.

  5. Well, the video proves yet again that the Brady Campaign and the politicians that support magazine capacity bans are STUPID.

  6. He also totally ignores the fact that Loughner was disarmed after his gun jammed, not because somebody tackled him while he was busy reloading.

  7. All guns are single action. Shotgun starts empty. Yeah, this is world record stuff but most good SASS shooters can out-clock the famous bad guy using single action revolvers, and (more to the point) hit what they aim at.

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