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Those that voluntarily submit themselves to licensing and training requirements, register their firearms, store them legally, are in fact subject to, in some ways, to more strict regulation than individuals that are convicted of violent firearms offenses.

Solomon Friedman
August 12, 2011
Collector, Not Criminal
[This is in Canada, not the U.S., but some of the things he says apply to people who hold a Federal Firearms License. Is it too much to ask that firearms owners exercising their natural right to keep and bear arms be treated no worse than violent criminals and pedophiles?

If I have the time later today I have some interesting info to report about my efforts to defeat the anti-gun people in Canada.—Joe]


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  1. Pedophiles? Are you talking about the people that are Registered Sex Offenders? The ones who have their names, home addresses and photos on the internet for everyone to see? The same people that incite public protest when they move to a community? You really feel firearm owners are treated like this?

  2. ubu52 – In Canada, the sex offender registry is not a public database. It is not accessible by the public, only by law enforcement. In fact, it is an offence to publish any of the personal information contained in that database.

    Furthermore, convicted sex offenders, unlike law-abiding gun collectors are not subject to random warrantless inspections (i.e. searches) of their residences.

    I stand by my on-air comments.

  3. Oh ubu…you never understand.

    “have their names, home addresses and photos on the internet for everyone to see” – several US papers in the past have tried to publish lists of concealed carry permit holders.

    “incite public protest” – well if you’re talking about open carriers sure. Not to mention all the antigun tripe the MSM has been lapping up as of late – it’s been a slow-motion hate crime from those who want to “save others.”

  4. @ubu52: So how is it appropriate or necessary for the names and other personal information of gun purchasers or CCW license holders to be eligible for public dissemination where they have broken no laws. It is impossible for you to say that the rights of law-abiding gun owners should be trampled on without sounding like a petty authoritarian. Don’t act like that.

    Now if you are going to sing the “public safety” song, I put it you to that there are many other groups that are more deserving of “outing” in the public media…drunk drivers, violent criminals, rapists, pedophiles as noted, domestic violence perps, and so on (and they are sometimes revealed in the newspaper). However, gun owners are law-abiding so be careful what you’re advocating for or you might get pulled into a public notification scheme of the future.

    Regarding stigmitization, yes, it is real and things like gun registries in California have been used to ex post facto out law them (a local example) or more globally like the German gun laws before the rise of the Nazis and the holocaust. If you dare advocate for registration I label you a tyrant-in-training. Never Again! and Molon Labe! are what we should respect.

  5. Solomon,

    I didn’t click on the links so I have no idea what you wrote. I was responding to Joe’s comment linking FFLs in this country to pedophiles in this country. I believe pedophiles in this country are treated far worse than FFLs.

    If Canadian pedophiles are being treated too nicely, perhaps Canada should pass a Megan’s Law?

  6. @ubu52, I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. In some ways FFLs are treated like pedophiles and violent criminals who are out on parole in this country. Example: Warrantless searches.

    In Canada it is much closer to the same, and in some ways worse, for gun owners and released violent felons.

    My point being that it should strike people as something is a little bit “off” when people that exercise a specific enumerated right (in this country, a natural right in other countries) are treated as if they were violent criminals at risk to offend again at any moment.

  7. Joe – It should also be pointed out that, unlike Americans who can “opt out” of the onerous FFL system by choosing to forego certain firearms, accessories or activities, ALL Canadians are subject to mandatory licencing and registration.

    In the United States, if you live in a state with relatively reasonable gun laws, it is possible to “stay under the radar” and avoid mandatory government scrutiny. In Canada, gun owners (who abide by the law) have no such option.

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