Nice view

I was dreading working in downtown Seattle but the nice office with a view at least partially makes up for it.

Puget Sound is in the distance on the left:


While doing the orientation in California earlier this week I found some other things out about the company that pleased me too. It would appear they very strongly encourage innovation and the particular focus for my MSEE (communication theory) is a better match that what I first thought it would be. Plus they are looking to leverage my experience at Microsoft rather than expect me to retrain for Linux as I had feared.

One of the first things I did after getting my computer up and running was search for, find, and add myself to the company email list for the gun club. Nice!

Also a guy just down the hall from me has several targets on his desk with bullet holes in them. I haven’t talked to him yet but I expect I will before the week is over.


7 thoughts on “Nice view

  1. Yup. Pretty easy to figure out which building it is. Macy’s is too good a landmark and Google Earth is a little bit scary.

    You’re only about 10 or 11 blocks from my company’s Seattle office. Next time I’m in town we’ll have to get together for lunch or something.

  2. Nice! I know you’re more of a “food is fuel” sort of person, but know I envy you your wide choice of lunching options.

  3. They still hiring? I got a friend at MS that I want to help find a new S/W position.

  4. I used to have a nice view of downtown Dallas from my office. It’s about the only thing so far as being semi-retired that I even remotely miss.

    Good that you have someone down the hall who is a pro-gunner. Glad to hear there are still patriotic Americans employed in downtown Seattle. (grin)

    Nice blog you have here, good representation of your part of the country. Gonna add it to my links.

    Best regards,


  5. @Ry, I’m not going to say it would have taken much longer to conclude that but you did have some hints other people did not.

    @Sailorcurt, Sure. Send me an email a couple days ahead of time.

    @Sean, My lunch yesterday, including tip, was $15 and took 45 minutes out of office. Today it cost about $0.50 (lentils, rice, and bacon with rhubarb cobbler for desert) and took me less than 10 minutes. Most days will be a near repeat of today.

    @SPQR, I sent you a private email.

    @AOA, Thanks!

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