Any gun collectors interested in this pair?

I’m not into collecting guns but maybe someone else out there is. Even if I were into collecting guns the sales price on these wouldn’t pass the wife test. And even worse—they don’t even shoot!

I do admire the mechanics though. That is very impressive.

Via email from K.W.


9 thoughts on “Any gun collectors interested in this pair?

  1. Those will make a fantastic investment for someone. I notice they are selling at Christies Hong Kong auction. That’s where all the heavy hitter watch collectors are these days — Hong Kong. Someone is really going to love them.

  2. Pretty neat. I’ll be turning over the couch cushions to look for some spare change. There might be $5M in there if I look hard enough. Should I bring them to the next NRA meeting so you can play with them?

  3. Umm, if they don’t shoot, did they ever? If they never were able to shoot, are they in fact guns, or merely incredibly expensive objets-d’Art?

  4. I just found these on the Christies website. They already sold. The final price was $5,866,499.

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