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Now that the U.S. has established the precedent of sending a hit squad into another country to kill those wanted for planning and implementing acts which resulted in the deaths of our citizens I wonder if the Mexican government will consider that justification for doing the same to those responsible for sending firearms to drug cartels in Mexico.


6 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Well now would be the time. The precedent has been set and where before it would not have mattered and retaliation would have come with Obama in charge nothing will happen.

    That is the problem with these things. Politicians seemincapable of looking even a little bit ahead. Just to the result not the fallout.

  2. Mr. Huffman,

    You clearly don’t understand how this is supposed to work. WE get to do this to other countries, and it’s totally 100% justified, all in a day’s work. When the other countries do it to us, it’s an act of war & it’s time to take over their government, install a puppet regime, spark an insurgency we can’t handle, and occupy it militarily until doomsday.

  3. It all depends. Did the weapons go to the drug cartel that the Mexican government collaborates with or to one of the competitors?

  4. Mr Huffman, are you suggesting that having Joe Biden as president would be in the best interests of Mexico? I have trouble imagining Biden reining in any agency, providing oversight, or staying awake through a briefing.

  5. @dustydog, I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just wondering if some other country might attempt to follow the precedent country just established within our borders.

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