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Homicide rates correlate with gun ownership, too. States with higher ownership rates and less gun control have lower Black homicide rates. States with the most gun control have lower White homicide rates. You could say that the Brady Campaign is racist and the data would support your point.

Howard Nemerov
April 2, 2011
UN Ignores Its Own Data to Promote Gun Ban
[I wouldn’t say the Brady Campaign is racist even if a quirk in the data lends support to that hypothesis. They have a very strong parallel to racist beliefs with the object of their irrational hate and fear being gun owners and even the inanimate object called a gun. I believe they will ultimately reach the social status of the KKK but it will probably take another generation or so to get there.—Joe]


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  1. I wouldn’t say the Brady Campaign is racist even if a quirk in the data lends support to that hypothesis.

    Neither would I, but it is a good comeback when they deliberately misuse such “quirks” in the data in a similar fashion. It illustrates in a plain way how nonsensical they are.

    I’ve done something similar when a local anti made the claim that our “need” to carry all the time is “silly” because the only 2% of the population is ever a victim of violent crime, so the numbers don’t support our “fear”. I pointed out that the percentage of concealed carriers who commit violent crimes is far, far lower, so her own fear of people who lawfully carry concealed is equally “silly”.

    She got rather angry about that one. 😀

  2. I would disagree. Given that virtually all the racists I have run across ranged from liberal to yellow-dog democrat, I would have to assume that racists are a large part of their tiny membership.

  3. My father, who grew up in Indiana during the second coming of the KKK, thinks the Tea Party today is the resurgence of the KKK: Anti-immigrant, anti-labor union, ultra-political, etc. Most people don’t really know enough about the KKK to see the comparisons but he lived through it so he’s just astounded that people are supporting this stuff today.

    On the basis of that, the KKK is doing quite fine today, don’t you think? The KKK (Tea Party) is alive and well and supporting anti-immigrant/anti-union activities all over the USA.

  4. It’s probably a better idea to make being antigun the moral equivalent of being an anti-homosexual bigot, rather than a racist. Homosexuality and gun ownership are lifestyle choices.

    Paul Helmke, Colin Goddard, and their CSGV goons should be sunk to the level of Fred Phelps’s Westboro Wankers.

  5. Ubu52,

    Nice try, linking the Tea Party to the KKK, but you’re only showing how ignorant you and your father are. Where did he get his information on the Tea Party? Has he been to some rallies or did he just learn about them from the evening news? Having attended several Tea Party events, both locally and in Washington D.C, I can say with absolute certainty that very few news outlets understand the Tea Party.

    Without exception, the people I have met at these events are among the friendliest, most considerate that I have met anywhere. Most of them have not been politically active and have no particular desire to be politically active except that they see the reckless spending of the Federal government as unacceptable and can no longer remain silent.

    As for racism, I haven’t personally seen any manifestations of it. In a movement that numbers several million people and is open to anyone, you are certain to get a few wackos with their own agenda, but they are a severe minority. One thing you can count on at Tea Party rallies is that if there is one person out of ten thousand who is carrying a racist sign or acting like an idiot, the TV cameras will be trained on that one person.

    Perhaps you should attend a Tea Party event and learn about them firsthand, Ubu. If nothing else, you’ll likely make the evening news.

  6. JMD

    I said “second coming of the KKK.” That was not the first or the third versions of the KKK. That was the KKK that existed between 1915 and WWII. Much of their activity centered around Indiana. Approximately 15% of the population belonged to it so I’m sure it included people “among the friendliest, most considerate that I have met anywhere.”

    That particular version of the KKK was very anti-union, much like the Tea Partiers in Wisconsin.

  7. Ubu52, has it occurred to you that there are perfectly valid reasons to be anti-Union? In Wisconsin, for example, the public unions are draining the tax coffers of the State–which coffers are *filled* by hard-working non-State employees.

    I’m not opposed to unions per se–you have, after all, the right to free association–but I am opposed to being forced to be a member of a union, just to be a graduate student. I am opposed to there being only one union for graduate students–and if I don’t like my union, then tough, because I cannot start my own! I am opposed to having a percentage of my paycheck taken away, to pay for Union Fat Cats, and to pay for political candidates I oppose–and then to make the procedure to request that the portion of dues that goes to candidates to remain with me so complicated that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. And I am opposed to unions using brute force and intimidation to get their way. And, finally, I am opposed to unions sucking the lifeblood out of businesses–that is, to demand benefits well beyond that which is right and fair, that, in the execution of those benefits, will result in the destruction of the business attempting to provide them.

    Now, I would admit that there are likely a lot of anti-illegal-immigrant sentiment among the Tea Party–and while I disagree with the sentiment, I certainly understand that the Federal Government has screwed up immigration royally, and thus, we are plagued with problems. Any reform proposed so far is really just more of the same–providing amnesty to those who are here illegally, and making it even more difficult for those who are not here, to come here (and thus invites even more illegal immigration). Is it any wonder that people are frustrated?

    As for the ultra-political nature of the KKK: of course it’s ultra-political! So are the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties! So are the National Rifle Association, and the Brady Campaign! So are the unions, for crying out loud! Any organization that is put together to affect the politics of an issue, or a region, is going to be ultra-political–and this is why the KKK was ultra-political.

    Finally, while the KKK may have been anti-union and anti-even-legal-immigrant, there is one defining characteristic of the KKK that the Tea Partiers do not have: they do not burn crosses on people’s lawns because of the color of their skin; nor do they shoot people because of the color of their skin.

    Indeed, the KKK wanted to put blacks in their place. The Tea Partiers just want a balanced budget, lower taxes, and to be left alone.

    Thus, it is disingenuous to call the Tea Party the “Second Coming of the KKK”.

  8. “Homosexuality and gun ownership are lifestyle choices. ”

    I don’t kn ow if I’d go so far as to say Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. If it was why would somebody choose to limit their partner choice to about 10% of the population. Furthermore have you personally weighed the benefits of becoming a homosexual? Its the foolish question because if you aren’t attracted sexually to the same sex, what point is there?

    Now I would say you could call religion a “lifestyle Choice” very much like gun ownership. People are converted or lose faith all the time, I know people who have claimed party to 3-4 different faiths or ethos. I’ve probably got a solid 3 under my belt. I’d imagine there would be an average of 2 faiths or more per person (and if you include Atheism or Agnostics as a “Faith”).

    I will also note that if you were a Jew, or a Catholic you weren’t much better off on the KKK Radar than the Blacks. Not so sure how those guys felt about Muslims, or Atheists. They certainly were on par with Ubu’s stated stance on gun ownership. They were all for it, so long as it was the “Right” people.

    Also good job on Ubu for the lovely little bit of projection.

  9. Weerd, I just based it off of the fact that the phrase “coming out of the closet” exists, not to mention the fact that there is already a huge push to recognize marriage for same-sex couples.

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