Boomershoot 2011 nightmare

The nightmares about Boomershoot are much rarer than they used to be but I had one this morning.

It was raining hard. Really hard. The visibility was only a couple hundred yards and the wind was strong and cold. But the worst was the sticky mud. My size 14 shoes must have had 20 pounds stuck to each of them. Vehicles couldn’t get out to the Taj Mahal and I was the only one to walk in to make the ton of explosives and many hundreds of targets.


7 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2011 nightmare

  1. Funny, I never have nightmares about Boomershoot! When I remember dreams at all, and if they are about Boomershoot, they are NEVER nightmares!

    Even in the one where I never hit a Boomer, I am still laughing uproarishly, with a grin from ear to ear.

    Must be all the work YOU do, so the rest of us can have so much fun!

    Thanks for continuing Boomershoot!

  2. Sounds like the weather report for the next 6 days in my neck of the woods! And if the weather does turn out that bad, just string up some Barbed wire, put on a Doughboy Uniform and tell everyone that the theme this year is “Can you Out Shoot Sgt. York?” Good luck with the Shoot!

  3. Don’t worry. I’ll be there, ready to help with any task, regardless of the weather. I’ve done 8 hour shifts of backcountry ski patrol in 0F, 20-50mph blizzard conditions and 10 hour Black Rock Ranger shifts in desert conditions that went from whiteouts at 105F to 30F at night. Weather can not deter me. 🙂 I’m hoping that this knowledge will penetrate your dream factory and reassure it a bit. Have fun!

  4. I drove into Moscow today in a blizzard. The white snow on the new green wheat is a pretty sight though, and the little bit of sun reaching through the clouds heated the pavement enough that whisps of fog were swirling up from the surface.

    If it’s snowing for Boomershoot, at least we’ll have the best wind indication system ever.

  5. If it’s that bad, get the dozer. I’d hump it out there to help, at least you have big feet to put the weight on, my size 12s punch right through. Humping it through the snow for those steaks was a PITA cause I kept punching through the crust.

    Besides, if I really had to I’d bring the green beast out and just winch my way up to the Taj if you really needed to move equipment by vehicle. Could probably do it with JR and my come-along as well, I doubt JR would even be held up. I just know that mud can be slick and I’d rather not slide into a tree, doing that in JR would make me cry. Most everything you need though can be moved by the ATV, but if it’s really bad I think you’ve got enough people who will just make !@#$ happen.

    If SHTF for you I’d just say screw the PRC and come help. I’d just say I get to come out later and squeeze some off up and down the hill. That’s the main reason I do the field fire the first two days, varying range, targets, I don’t get to do it that often. Lapwai is the closest I’ve seen out here and a single gong at 550 doesn’t do it for me any more. Seriously the past couple times I’ve been out there I’ve done first round hits with all of my rifles including my .223 carbines. About the hardest hit I’ve done lately was with my 300 WSM with a 4x scout scope. Finally got the hold right and did 3 consecutive hits. Not enough of a cross wind through the valley to keep it interesting.

  6. @-tspencer & Barron,

    Yes. I know. I have some very loyal dedicated staff that will do whatever is necessary to help make Boomershoot a success. It was just a bad dream.


    Interesting blog. I enjoyed that–except for the implications for Boomershoot.


    We have had snow for Boomershoot before. After the snow goes horizontal further increases in wind are not well indicated (the difference between 20 MPH and 30 MPH just isn’t discernible from the snow).

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